Monday, April 04, 2005

Is this where we come to recapture our youth?

A wonderful sound came streaming thru the neighborhood tonight. We had just finished a glass of red on the deck and Andrew began preparing dinner. The sun was setting later tonight, due to the benefit of Daily Saving Time occuring yesterday.

Our back screen door thwacked shut, echoing thru the wooded backyard into the peace of day that I most enjoy, as I stopped and perked my ears. "Was that...? Noooooooo." Silence. "Wait, there it is again!" I threw open the abused screen door to stroll out on to the deck to get a better listen. "Hark! I think me hears annnnn ICE CREAM TRUCK!"

The music danced among the newly budded trees as I desperately surveyed across the backyards to spot a hint of the traditional white truck. It's driving slowly but it's still in the 'hood. At the same instant, Andrew and I spied the very white truck driving thru our T-zone and down the street.

I thought it soooo cool that I beckoned Andrew to join me in stopping the truck for 'old time's sake.' We stood on our lawn for only a moment when he saw it parked in the nearby cul-de-sac. Woo-hoo! Let's go get ice cream!

There was only a small family of 3 claiming their prizes standing by the opened window of the truck. We approached the van nostalgically and asked, "Is this where we come to recapture our youth?"

Ahh, a fond memory -relived in my own neighborhood. We had to purchase two chocolate tacos (very new to me) and we promptly put them in the basement freezer to forget.