Monday, July 30, 2007


Received my box of coffee table books (Strokes of Genius) from North Light last week. Yee-haw! Andrew helped me autograph my pages by flattening the area so that I could create a decent chop impression.

This is so exciting!!

Photo forthcoming.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

When the Clock Strikes Midnight...

All Borders Bookstores will be jammed with frenzied Harry Potter fans to snag their book! Any of you going to be there? I might just have to drag Andrew out as this is the last of the Harry mania in any bookstore (that I can foresee).

I could just kick myself when JK Rowling came to Cary (yes, Cary!) back in 1998 for a book signing event -I had no idea who she or who Harry was! My client was all excited because she and her girls were going at midnight to get their books signed!! I thought it was some silly kid's book. Man, was I wrong!

Meanwhile, I have found all kinds of muggles who are intrigued by the life behind the brick wall and have compiled receipes and such for treats like butterbeer. Here's our list:

Madam Rosmerta's Magical Receipes...

Voldetorts, Treacle Fudge, Stuffed Toadstools...
Licorce Wands, Cauldron cakes, Mrs. Weasley's Rock Cakes...

Meanwhile, someone has come out with a book of Charmed Knit patterns from Potterland... I always wondered, why was Mrs. Weasley so industrious but a lousy designer? Keep the initials off the sweaters and they were perfectly fine!

Oh well, I've read mixed reviews on this book, but nonetheless, the styles inside are classics.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Simpsons Avatar

I found the SimpsonMovie link among those who have discovered how to create their own personal avatar in the form of a Simpson character. This happens to be both Andrew's & mine:

Saturday, July 14, 2007

IF: Discovery

Bacchus Discovers Wine

Earlier this year, I combined CCats V2 - Play and a glass of wine for a charity event. I thought it was perfect for Discovery.

I'm always hearing myself yell, "No Bacchus! Not the wine!"

This print will be available soon through

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Fourth: A Holiday, Right?

Let's see...

Andrew is busy playing demolition man with my bathroom. The former double vanity used to bite me each time I'd move or I could never fully open the closet inside the bath then doorknobs would punch me- -ugh! I'm pretty tired of the bruises on my hips! One day we'll bull-doze this house, but until then...

I almost became a widow over the weekend because of this damn house.

You can see some of the progress Andrew is making on the bath here:

When he's not busy trying to electrocute himself, he actually finds time to make me gourmet dindin!! I love that man of mine!

Ahi Tuna on a bed of mango salsa & edamame.

NYC Signage

Many a folk ask us why we enjoy and why we prefer NYC to recharge our batteries rather than a remote cabin or beach... Frankly, it's for the daily life that exists.

It's real, it's gritty, it's alive.

As transplants, the South is nice, but it's becoming homogenous -well, it has for awhile. NYC offers surprises around every corner. I've snapped a few of them because they were charming or alarming.

NY City Subway -always has innovative advertising series. This is features Perrier Water.