Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Want and Want Not

Remember when I confessed that I wanted to move North because of the lack of support artists aren't receving here in Raleigh? Well, it's unfortunate to report that there are enthusiasts sites -galleries and blogs alike- that are closing their doors [within Raleigh] due to deficient patronage and it's artlessly uninspiring.

ArtsRamble, a beleaguered local blog that exists to promote galleries and artists is closing her doors and is aggrieved by the very notion. Andrea's heart was in the right place, but couldn't secure earmarks to keep the calendar running. Unfortunately, I believe blogs are for geeks, and I am one. I'm also a fine artist who appreciates juggling several irons in the marketing fire to continue the flame and couple that with geekdom, well, that's a unique combination.

My response to Andrea's final act can be read here:

Currently, the shell of Dorothy Dix is being fought over by rampant developers and has no one thought of utilizing that space for artists? Artist studios, classrooms, dorms (Penland anyone?) and a co-op gallery for the resident artists... plus! there's a mandate that a portion of the grounds be kept natural- how fabulous would that be? Sculpture stations, picnic grounds, music and theatre performances... Kirk of Askew-Taylor Paints is looking to expand... put him on the grounds to provide supplies to the artists with demostrations to curious onlookers, perhaps a cafe...

Raleigh simply lacks a strong underpinning that would allow artists to thrive like any art mecca (Asheville, anyone?) most of which depend on a champion who has no time on her hands and deep pockets. Unfortunately, folks like Ann (of Ann & Jim Goodnight) is a strong advocate of the arts, however, she doesn't spread her funds like the wind, her loyalty lies with foundations like NCMuseum of Art. Don't get me wrong, NCMuseum of Art is a great place -we held our 2 part wedding reception in their Egyptian chamber & MuseumCafe -fabulous food!

In talking with a few local artisians, I'm still bemused at the 'artist's community' they believe to exist. When I ask them to compare it to Asheville, their enthusiasm deflates before my very eyes. I don't mean to dampen their creative spirits, but instead ask hard questions so that we -as perceived artist community- can create a strategy that will leave a legacy to budding artists.

I've just been reminded that Moore Square is opening the second season of the Farmer's Market that includes local food, wineries, live musical performances, and a weekly chef series. I wonder if this little nugget can be turned into a Providence Open Market that I've been dreaming about? They're opening at 10:30am... I wonder who curates this potential gem?

Albeit, not every city can be Asheville and not every government city is doomed, it's just that my confidence is growing dim from the sparse art shows Raleigh does entertain.