Friday, May 19, 2006

Raleigh Networking for Women

I've been involved in a local networking group for a little over a year now. However, they've decided to formalize but unfortunately, this is isn't aligned w/my business priorities.

Are there any women in the RTP area that would like to continue a free-forum group that permits networking at it's best? I'm not saying that I want to start a grassroots organization -God knows I am absolutely swamped. Although, being able to ask for a housekeeping referral (I need one or two!) or publish reasonable self-promotions & announcements (granted, the holidays you are going to get bombarded) and refrain from flaming those whose beliefs (religious & political) differ from yours would be a great asset to my personal/professional growth.

Anyone game? Please contact me so that we can decide on a YahooGroup nomenclature (free + easy = ROI) and move forward. I'm thinking Triangle Women.

Thoughts? Please let me know.

My Virtual Life: Business Week Cover Story

Speaking of virtual real estate, has anyone read the article in Business Week: May 1:
Virtual World, Real Money? Reader Reports:

Oh, now this is fascinating and can't wait to get personally involved.

Anyone else involved in Second Life? I'm thinking of making Felidae Isle a virtual isle for my frolicking pussy cats. Please let inquiring minds know what to expect because this is truly awesome -and I refrain from using that word "awesome" but it's a bitchin concept that could probably screw with my head in ways I haven't conceived.


Creative Goddess: My squatting rights

After 2 glasses of wine, I realize that CreativeGoddess ( has not been squatted upon! Is no one else in this universe aligned with creativity and narcissism? Well! If this is the case, let it be me who cast the first stone into the blog squatting atmosphere and usurp this real estate.

Give me time to align my thoughts -which will probably be in June after my mind has time to gel.