Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On Buying Art

A couple of mantras for those wishing to pursue the personal luxury of buying art:

Art, good or bad, is never to match one's couch.

Art is like wine: If you like it, buy it, drink it, and enjoy it.

Art is personal.

Art Speaks. One may not like the message, but art has something to say and in a visual way, it helps one verbalize that message.

But, for the love of Dog, please stay in touch with the artist when you purchase her art. I recently submitted work for a juried show and one specific rule for selling one's work through the gallery was:

Buyer information released at discretion of buyer and may not be available to the artist.
It's not that we want to plague you with mailings, but the upswing of staying in touch is that both you and the artist can celebrate the valuation through the years. This also helps us keeps you apprised of our events and evolution as an artist.

We learn from the masters when it comes to certificates of authenticity and ownership. We hope that when you purchase a piece of art from a gallery, that you will allow the gallery to forward your name to the artist. It was because of that clause that I allowed the pieces to be shown, but not to be sold; the gallery however, will provide interested parties w/my information. With this in mind, I created a packet with several copies of my bio and postcards. I keep in touch with all of my buyers and enjoy hearing from them now and again.

Shameless Plug: If you like my work, please enroll in my Mewsletter to remain apprised of my events on CalligraphyPets, ECStewart Collections, and other work I may evolve into as a creative goddess.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mozart!

One of my most favorite composers celebrates his birthday 216 years posthumously.

1) Do you know his full name? Hint: It's not just 3 names, but 5!
Mouse Over for Answer

2) Where was Mozart born? Bonus points for also knowing the address!
Mouse Over for Answer

3) Mozart became friends with whom? Bonus points for guessing at least 3!
Mouse Over for Answer

4) Who played Mozart in the 1984 film 'Amadeus?' Hint: It's not the originally considered Kenneth Brannaugh! Mouse Over for Answer

5) Was Salieri friend or foe of Mozart? Mouse Over for Answer

Now that I've been reading about all the composers inspired by Mozart and writing musical scores in homage to him, I'm feeling a little inspired to compose a visual musical piece of my own. Hmm.... stay tuned.

Meanwhile, read more about Mozart and get inspired yourself!

Friday, January 26, 2007

LINE Up - VAE Group Exhibit

Jeanne alerted me a few months ago to VAE's Call-to-Artists Exhibit on "Line." I brought in two pieces: Stretcher & Scratcher to be juried into next month's show.

Wish me luck! I'll know more about the final results early next week.

UPDATE: They both were selected for the show!
First Friday Reception: Friday, February 2, 6-9pm. They'll also be on display for the month of February.

Keeping Mum

If there is something we strive to convey on SAVANTBlog, and that is to keep control of one's brand. Yes, it's true, your customers own your brand, but it's your company's job to maintain an identity that helps your customer talk about you -favorably.

So, at what point do you keep quiet?

Rabbis are screaming over a porn flick created entirely in Israel (but made by a US production company) not because of the subject of film (porn) and not the title (Assraelis) but because of the misuse of the actual Kosher stamp of approval on the DVD cover.

We would have never known about the movie but because the KOF-K attorneys decided to make a fuss, brought more noterity to the film than ever thought possible. On the flip side, if you're a company trying to keep it in the black, take a strong icon and put it on your porn DVD cover.

How about "Just Do It?"


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jeopardy Online Contestant Test

My husband, the Jeopardy Junkie that he is, decided to take the online test last evening for potential contestants.

We learned that it was a 50 question application with 15 seconds for each question, whether you were finished or not -and no going back reviewing previous questions! The test began online at promptly 8pm EST and being the Gilmore Girls junkie that I am (Lorilei is driving me nuts with her neurosis!! I'm about to quit GC without remorse), decided it would be best if Andrew holed himself up in my studio for the 12 minute race without interruption. No cats, no GC, no explosive cackles to ruin his concentration.

We arranged the studio to his liking and made sure to plug in the MAC to ensure constantly flow of electricity, bottle of water, chair adjustments and then we watched the countdown clock in large block numbers wind down. During that time I asked him if he needed any help -he's a freakin genius and that boy does not need "help" from his fellow blonde. Then I invited myself to stay and watch the process -just out of utter curiosity. I told him I'd keep quite and remain invisible.


Watching him hunched over the MAC pecking at the keys, I refrained in the beginning to give him any aid -this was his damn test. I watched his growing diffidence as I jeopardized my own promise by quietly assisting him. Each time I did, I tried to draw blood from my own hazardous tongue -poor guy- I promised him I wouldn't. I promised! Argh.

Overall he did well and I just gasped at some of the questions he was able to answer rather quickly. I suck at history and that's one of his strong suits. Once in awhile I look at him blankly and ask him, "Why did you marry me? You could have done better if all you wanted was arm candy. A whole lot better!"

We reviewed the 3-night opportunity (one in each time zone) and decided that if he didn't qualify this time, it would be ALL my fault. I decided that we would both schedule ourselves and I would take the test first (he would look over MY shoulder) to learn the questions so that he could take the test the second night (WITHOUT me) and we'd go from there.

I guess that's my exposure to parental paladin.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Private Ideas

It looks as though I got another comment posted on Robert Glenn's Painter's Keys under the subject title: The Knowledge.

For those of you out there who don't know Robert Glenn, he writes a philosophically-based newsletter that discusses the significance of art. It's pretty easy to digest, so those who haven't fully read Socrate's Apology won't be intimidated by his [Glenn's] yarn.

His site:

I just thought it was a great segment on which to comment. It's amazing how folks are perceived by others, both from a personal & objective view point. This alone has taught me many a lesson on several planes, never to judge another merely by one's scribbles. Let me just say that I hope that when I kick-off, no one goes thru my studio and decides to yank all of the pages from my notebooks and decide to have a freakin art show. If I wanted my notebooks in a show, I'd put them there!!! :D

Topic: The Knowledge

You'll find my post w/Chaser, one of my CalligraphyCats, adorning the text block.

Tell me... would you have that free n'easy feeling allowing others to take sneak peaks into your sketchbooks?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Discovery: Metal Artist - Kari von Wening

A visual feast in metal art richness, Kari enlivens the act of metalsmithing assemblage. Gorgeous work!

Kari von Wening Online Studio

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2007 Trends: One Stupid Idea

As women, we're pretty private right? Well, some of us don't edit what we speak (guilty!) but when it comes to my purse contents, I do-not-like-to-show-contents... period! Uh, no pun intended.

Take for example, the i-know-what-you-just-bought-at-the-drugstore see-thru plastic appeal. Seriously, the WSJ has posted an article today on the new big trend: Clear Hand Bags

Long ago, a department store for whom I worked forced us chix to convert our personal bags into a small clear clutch. I understand theft is rampant in dept store, especially when it comes to the employees, but this is one chic who isn't going to succumb to fashion at my own expense. I'll let others lament over being accosted for showing one's chocolate, cuz, I ain't sharing!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Finally! Luxury Decorative Pillows Featuring Bacchus!

BacchusIt's so difficult to maintain the several facets of my business and blog, too, and now you can see what I've been doing!

I'm so excited to bring my enthusiasts something new for your home! Andrew and I have been crafting deligently in our studio to bring more luxury directly to you with suede and felt decorative pillows! These are so gorgeous and soft that we have several hanging around the house -they definitely bring a smile to my face.

Right now, we've got suede & felt fronts in both 16 x 16" and 12 x 16", but please give us 6 weeks to make one for you since both of us are choosing fabrics, cutting out the images and sewing them together.

More Decorative Pillows

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Belated Honeymoon -Finally!

This past holiday season, Andrew and I agreed to get the hell out of Dodge and finally take that oh-so-desperate honeymoon we've been hankering for.

Since we're Scobbits (Scottish Hobbits) we thought it only fitting to head to lowlands of Scotland and participate in their frivolity at New Years 2008. Now, we're seeking a counterpart for Christmas. Germany, maybe? After all, that the Christmas tree origination and they've got great Christmas Markets. We also understand the Londoners all go out for Christmas Dinner and it's one big party that evening and Boxing Day is full of sales.

Any more suggestions? Ohhhh, this is going to be fun!

ISO: Motion Detector Gadget

I'm looking for a device that will respond when my cat walks by. I know we can find a motion detector at our local home improvement, but I'm looking for the electronic device to which we can attach a feather and it shakes, inticing kitty to lunge.

We've got the Panic Mouse but it's eating thru batteries like milk shakes, causing Pip lose interest.

Any ideas?


Andrew and I were at PetSmart and found PanicMouse 360 -it rocks. Unwittingly, we bought it because 'NayNay was jonesing for Pip's PanicMouse each time I turned it on inside the studio. Pulling the PanicMouse 360 out of the box, we discovered that the designers must have had a focus group: the on/off button was separated from the speed button and now include a timer -so kitty can increase him time in 15 minute increments.

I'm training 'NayNay like Pavlov's dog, hoping he'll learn each time he presses the timer, the PM360 will activate. At least this way, it doesn't eat the batteries like candy.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Raleigh ArtsRamble

Recently discovered, a group has convened and created an online art community for Raleigh named ArtsRamble.

For those of you seeking venues for your work, you can find a free listing for the calls here.
A number of them require end of January 2007 submissions -so go check the listings now!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Wax On, Wax Off

So, after several weeks of beastiness, Andrew and I finally got around to getting our pedicures tonight. Ahh, how wonderful it is to have one's footsies & calves rubbed!! While Andrew's pedicurist was serving double duty to another client, I got extra massaging. Oh, man, why we don't go everyweek is beyond me.

Oh, yeah, that's right -it's about expenses.

Meanwhile, when I was getting the extra rub-down, I asked about eyebrow waxing. I was just curious about the whole event since I remember as a young adult trying out the 'home kit' for legs. I applied 2 strips on my legs and after ripping off the first strip, I was terrified of ripping off the second. Needless to say, I'm chicken shit of pain and that 'home kit' got dumped straight into the trash.

Andrew continued to patiently wait with Business Week in hand and I agreed to having at least a clear coat applied to my toe nails. When my pedicurist was done, she encouraged me to continue the self-indulgence with waxing my eyebrows. I wimpered. A very pregnant woman sporting fire engine red polish on her toes and sitting athrone next to Andrew attempted to quash my fears. I quickly revealed to her my young adult experience as I acquiesced to my pedicurist persuasion. Both the pregnant woman and Andrew attempted to comfort me as I slipped into that ominous room into which women are frequently seen disappearing as we sit quietly soaking our feet.

The experience was, well, not as relaxing as I witnessed on Oprah last week. My pedicurist began with waxing the uni-part of the brow. Honestly, I have no unibrow but it's all part of the procedure as she continued applying and ripping the wax from below the brow and above the brow. I thought she was done until she pulled out the tweezers to coif the rest of the hair. Nice.

While my skin sports a puffy redness, I can see through to how my brows appear a little more glamourous and as Oprah said, an immediate face lift. The funny thing is that when I did a vanity check in the car, I noticed a resemblance to a dear in headlights. I'll wait until morning to give a true assessment.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Company Buy-Out

I got a letter yesterday and failed to open it -due to the unexpectedness of it all. Evidently, a company has been monitoring mine and has offered to buy it out from out of me.

Wow! Someone wants to buy my company from... me?! Wicked!

Well, I'm not selling, but it does make me feel good. Very good. Ostensibly, I must be doing something right.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Old Art Joke

The devil pays a visit to an art dealer. He states, "I have a proposition for you. I will introduce you to the world's greatest unknown artist. You can represent him and become rich beyond your wildest dreams."

The dealer asks, "What do I have to do?"

The devil says, "Just give me your immortal soul."

The dealer says, "Wait a minute, there must be a catch somewhere."

FBI Art Theft Program

Did you know that art and cultural property crime is a looming criminal enterprise? This includes theft, fraud, looting, and trafficking across state and international lines -- has estimated losses running as high as $6 billion annually!

To help solve and deter criminals, the FBI has a dedicated Art Crime Team of 12 special agents to recover precious pieces. To review the theft notices and recoveries to submiting a tip online, one go straight to their site:

Protecting Yourself
Additionally, to protect yourself and your artwork, completely destroy anything you don't want resold. Just as you would shread credit card statements, shred flat files (prints, photos, illustrations) that won't ruin your mechanism's blades, and crush or burn anything else 3-D. Also wait until trash day to take it out to the curb or take it personally to the dump.

It has been reported by friends that neighbors have watched and confiscated artist's trash only to re-sell at the local flea market. Don't let this happen to you. If you value your brand and believe that an item isn't good enough for you to sell, don't allow others to do it for you.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Test Your Art-Selling IQ

Get insight on how to sell your art -better! Take the 20 question quiz and discover how and where to improve your skills. This is specially helpful for introverts.

Test Your Art Selling Skills

Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome to 2007

Happy New Year!

If I'm alone on a holiday -or any day- I'll take advantage of doing a little research online.

Today, I came across artists resource provided by ArtistTrust and much of what they offer will help any artist no matter what region.

For those of us in the East, we'll have to find our own resources for hurricane preparedness.So get familiar with Craft Emergency Relief Fund.