Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Annual Wine Label: Fusion

Each autumn, we strive to come up with a snarky influenced wine label. When given the opportunity, we'll present it to our friends who host the not-so-consecutive Halloween party. This year's wine label features Andrew's spinal fusion he endeavored last November.

We told Andrew's surgeon that it would be this year's holiday card, but he doesn't believe us -wish I could be the postman that delivers that card.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

GiveAway: Back to the Classics!

Finally Raleigh is seeing some rain! With this we celebrate with a reign of choices on the second giveaway contest:

A Classic CalligraphyPets Signed unframed print.

Your Choice! Yes, that's right. You know the ones: 11 x 11 with my red kanji printed on the bottom -that's my name "Lisa" in Kanji for those of you who didn't know. So scour the site for your prized image and keep it close until I call your name!

Shown to the left is Bacchus, the cat who started it all!

Not So Sticky Rules:

1. One has to respond to this blog entry to qualify
2. I'd like you to be at least 18.
3. Contest Ends Thursday, November 1, 6:00pm (EST)
4. Free shipping for US Residents (lower 48)
5. Shipping outside US/48 may have to help defray costs
6. Andrew and I will use the online number generator to ID the winner.
7. You must be reachable so that we can contact you.
8. You must confirm your prize within one week or you forfeit and another winner will be chosen.
9. You can't be related to me -even thru marriage. Besides, you get all kinds of cool stuff from me anyway, right?

Send your friends and good luck!

UPDATE: The contest is now closed and I want to thank you all for your participation! Using Random.org's Random Integer Generator to reveal our winner. And the winner is...

Lynn Larson

Lynn, you'll want to send me a note (creativegoddess at ecstewart dot com) to let me know your snail mail address and the your print of your choice!

UPDATE 2: For the rest of contest entrants, I'd like to offer free shipping on a print of your choice from ECStewart Collections / CalligraphyPets. Email me before you order.

Email: creativegoddess at ecstewart dot com


Again, thanks so much! Perhaps I'll do another one this month -stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Studio News: NECKLines

Imagine wearing an ECStewart Collections fine art print!

We've created a new series called, "NECKLines."

I wanted to provide you with more calligraphic work in color to take with you wherever you go. Inspired by beautiful creatures and artful living, I've hand finished these fabulous pendants with archival prints captured and set in a metal bezel. The dynamic images are then sealed with resin that magnifies their elegance.

So light weight, they delicately hang with a complementary satin or sterling silver chain.

Sterling Silver or Pewter Aspirations.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Studio News: Handmade Luxe Journals!!!

Andrew and I have exciting studio news: Handmade Luxe Journals

These sumptuous journals covers feature Bacchus and are die-cut, stitched, lined with soft microfiber, and include a coordinating bookmark to hold your thoughts in place.

While we have several color combinations, they are limited -you'll want to reserve yours fast!

The uber-cool covers are 5x7" and come with a blank journal to immediately chronicle your thoughts in prose or in doodles and a bookmark ribbon.

Available Soon to Mewsmembers Only
Mewsmembers will get a note next week and are first served (since the journals are limited in number and colorways) and get an introductory discount.

Not a mewsmember? That's easily remedied:
I want to be aMewsed!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Studio Notes: October Events

This has been an interesting week.

As I plod along working on paisley (yes, still working!), my enthusiasts have asked about the Aspirations show currently being held at EVOO; they're excited to get their pieces and I don't blame them. One local purchaser even stopped by to ask if she could pick up her pieces from the venue -talk about frenzied!!

Well, with any show, I provide an inventory sheet to keep track of the pieces I've installed; this little visual cue helps me to cross off what I've sold, to whom, and provide an easy guide for the wait staff. Also, I like to remove the pieces myself so that I can review how the pieces faired thru the event so that I can dust it, prepare it for shipping, and determine whether I need to repair the artwork (it is a public venue, after all) before it gets shipped to its rightful owner.

After 2 years of exhibiting at EVOO with several shows, I was was disappointed that most of my artwork was damaged during a renovation I had no idea was occurring. This past Saturday, Andrew and I removed the pieces and repaired the damaged ones. *Sigh*

At this point, I'm sure my friend Jeanne will comment on how I didn't grow a spine and indicate that the pieces I pulled down from a shelf were damaged should have been expressed to the chef. Yeah, that's right, I said, "shelf." At the same time, I have a 'gentleman's agreement' (at EVOO) about my work and at the very least, any staff member or the chef will sign my inventory sheet in case of theft, fire, or any other occurrence caused by mother nature to report to my insurance company. It's a neighborhood restaurant (a very fine one) and I know not to include original work.

Honestly, I'm feeling a bit passive-aggressive about my next show at EVOO. I'll let some time pass to allow myself to cool down while I'm working w/manufacturers and their images as well as developing new product, and displaying my wears at local shows. The unfortunate issue is that folks don't necessarily know how to treat art (this isn't the first time this has happened) and because this isn't a *gallery,* we all learn from these local experiences.

Meanwhile!!! I got an email from a noteworthy company who wants to take this current series and develop as a calendar!! Yee-haw!! Keep your fingers and toes crossed and stay tuned! Well wishes are strongly encouraged.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

On-My-Desk: Thank You!!

Today, I noticed an influx of visitors on my blog; my stats revealed that Linzie had uploaded my studio photos to her blog and I'm now featured: "On-My-Desk." Yay!! It looks great!!

Thanks so much Linzie!!!

Your Studio Mascot

Meanwhile, I've begun a blog just for "Your-Studio-Mascot." Feel free to submit your fuzzy mascot whether you work within the confines of a stuffy buttoned-up office or your own digs.

However, if you do not have a fuzzy face mascot but do have a compelling effigy of sort, you may submit it. We ask that you make it good and don't disappoint us. ;)

Submit your mascot now!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Holiday Madness

Life in the studio has been quiet, almost too quiet. While I'm finishing up some illos for a manufacturer (can't wait to show you!), I'm planning my next solo show at EVOO and attempting to work on new product...

Suddenly, I've been besieged by Kate's Paperie for holiday cards! She tells me that they did soooo well last year that they're ordering double! Holy smokes! So, now I'm scrambling to make sure we've got enough and counting packing supplies to ensure our numbers meet. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for my printer to get back to me with a quote because I really can't do anything more until I know pricing and turnaround time. Yikes!

If you're in the market for a few holiday cards, this is what Kate's is ordering and I'm sure I've got a few left for you, too! Based on the classic calligraphic style, this will definitely charm your friends and family!

Holiday Cards

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

YABO: The Lonely Cat Woman's Answer

Ever get that weird and worrisome feeling that you'll become the infamous lonely ol' cat lady at the end of the street? I know I do. I also worry about what appliances I've abandoned that are left hot and will potentially kill my helpless pussycats. I shall worry no more.

The designer, Kim Yong, indicates that the YABO will meet the master at the door upon arrival, monitor home appliances and electronics, maintain temperature and humidity, and expresses emotion by rotating and color-changing its face.

How cool is that? I love living in the Jetson age -I'm so lucky.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Studio News: Portable Fine Art

We're doing a little experimentation in the workshop. We know that you want to take my art with you so that's what we're creating -portable fine art for your personal enjoyment.

We've started with a few of the icons from the Aspirations Series set in color-toned pewter bezels, the resin magnifies these little beauties and hangs on a complementary color silk cord with sterling silver findings.

Additionally, we've got a few never seen before images for the upcoming seasons: Autumn + Halloween!!

Copper-toned pewter deep bezel, 25mm, silk cord.

Sterling Silver bezel, 30mm, sterling silver 18" chain.

Don't hesitate to let me know if you want more!

For now, you can find them on ETSY.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Going to Market

Between resuming an exercise regimen (getting svelte for the honeymoon), working hard on a new series for a mfg, building and assessing my prototypes for their worthiness (to be revealed very soon), reviewing images for a new show at EVOO, and a quick trip to the High Point Market -I'm exhausted- and it's only Thursday!!

Speaking of High Point, this week is their Autumn Market and we felt the need to walk it for a day. This was the 4th day of Market and after talking with a few of the sales reps, the climate seems dismal. Their projections are pretty grim for next year, "Just gotta get thru '08, then we should be fine." Wow, if that doesn't say something about our current political climate... Our purpose was to learn more about opportunities: from a licensing basis as well as showroom potential. I can only say that trying to balance both handmade luxe products as well as beginning talks about imagery licensing is a hobby, not. Thankfully, I love my job.

Meanwhile, I rediscovered an interesting designer: Aaron Foster. Jeanne and I found him at the NYIGF in January and told Andrew that he must see this guy's work ala Jasper Johns.

I know how much Andrew love Jasper Johns because he had a large print hanging in his house when we met and cooked dinner that first memorable night. Shortly thereafter, Andrew took me to the Tate Modern and I had the great pleasure to see Johns' work in the flesh.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

IF: The Blues

My submission for Illustration Friday: The Blues.

I love jazz and the blues; BBKing's quote fits perfectly into my comp. Plus, I've got the blues because I haven't played my trumpet in a while -I'm itching to find some down time to practice. I'd really like to join a jazz band in this lifetime.

Watercolor & Ink
Click to enlarge

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Namaste: Downward Dog Illo

After paying NC Sales tax this morning, I headed to the gym where I was to meet Amy at yoga. I knew it was going to kick my butt, though, I wasn't sure how -after all, this was my very first yoga class!

I have had exposure to yoga, the self-teaching at home with DVDs and yoga cards, plus the inevitable various stimuli: cats, cat hair, stereo, stereo fading in and out, drive by UPS trucks, phones ringing, email wav files, squirrels running by the window, cats running over me to get the squirrels running past several windows -I think you get the idea.

The yoga class was an intermediate and while concerned, I participated at my own peril -or at least by my own very humiliation. A little wobbly and the oh-so-limber chick on the next mat, I managed to push through my own physical boundaries.

The Y is rebuilding it's facility and I might add that it is extraordinary -I felt like I was on a grounded Enterprise with amenities to suit almost any recreational need. After yoga, I returned to the 3rd floor where I could reacquaint myself to the weights -my first love. After an abbreviated workout, I will sign with a trainer to initiate my routine.

Meanwhile, after a bit of refreshing inspiration -aside from the impromtu cycle and roving cats in my production area at home- I decided it was well overdue to create Downward Dog. I think he's adorable and now available for your pleasure, too.