Thursday, May 31, 2007

Back on the Drawing Board: A Museum of the Forgotten

I remember when... using metal eraser sheilds, french curves, and setting type with furniture & slugs! Coming home with ink on the hands that remained a permanent tattoo on my hands as part of the creative life.

Forgotten art supplies can be found here where folks are posting photos of their beloved supplies.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Designer Watch: SUVAWear & Natalya

Each time we walk NYC, we have to head back to a favorite shopping spot in NOHO called EDGE*ny. Two years ago, we found within, an innovative designer, Natalya Bagrova of SUVA who provides wearable photography on hip clothing.

When we first met Natalya (complete with Siberian accent), I picked up a zippered-front black jacket donned with a vibrant peacock (looks a bit Star Trekkish) that I absolutely love. Each article is attached with a story of where she and her beau took the photographs from around the world. It's too bad, however, it seems as though she's phasing out the jackets -they're so comfy!!

Last week, I had to continue the peacock line (New Zealand) with a tank and a new image of sterling charms on red background (India). I should have picked up the sexy v-neck shown below, but you can still see from the photo above, I was laiden with that damn head cold. My head not work.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Surtex: Day 3

Final Day

While cyclical, the last day [at Surtex] was good. There were a number of folks who were refreshed looking at my work that was utterly different than others and believed they could use my work to transition out of the 'rest of the crap.' (Yes, we've actually had mfg say this directly to us!) So, it's a matter of nursing the headcold, not do a damn thing over the weekend and then hit them hard over the next 2 weeks to get into their review cycles.

One series in particular that I created per the need of one mfg was really impressed with the amount of information I amassed during my research over the past year. They wanted me to sign a contract right there at the show and I told them because I wasn't really thinking well because my head was swimming, that I'd have to consider their proposal when I started feeling well. Andrew kicked in with this business savvy and helped to massage the conversation. Yeah, Andrew! I just love that man of mine! There were several mfg who loved the same series I created and it was a hot ticket this year.

Upon our return to the room, I checked my email and received an invitation for another submission after talking with a mfg on Monday. Yee-haw!!!!

Had dinner with good friends of ours who live outside NYC and who are going to be new parents. Looks like the aspect of parenthood and twins is settling in. Yikes!

Surtex: Day 2

This morning, upon arrival to Javits, my stomach was giving me issues -thought I had the flu. Now it's just a freakin miserable cold. Nasty sore throat ALL day, I just wanted to crawl under the table. The only thing that kept me going were the potential clients coming into the booth and collaborating on their projects -very exciting. Then I'd sit down and conserve my energy and send Andrew off to fetch more hot tea.

Despite my misery, we made several great leads that I need to follow-up with their immediate projects!

Enjoyed dinner at our favorite Malaysian restaurant: Penang with Amy & Phil and my exhausted body turned in early.

Surtex: Day 1

Surtex: Day 1

The showroom was very warm (they finally turned on the air!), but we saw a few folks wander in aimlessly from the ICFF not completely knowing what they were walking into. Let me just say (without jinxing myself) that this was a pleasantly good day. The show opened at 9am and by noon, I was extremely pleased. Many of the conglomerates were talking of how this day was so slow for them -me, it was one right after another. Yee-haw! One Brit that we've become friends with over the past 4 years (he reps a very large print firm in the UK) took a look at my stuff and said, "Hey! We might be interested in some of that! Stop by tomorrow!" Yee-haw!

Tonight, we were scheduled for a cruise around Manhattan and it was a blast!! The weather was perfect, top deck was warm and breezy; got lots of photos of the skyline and each other plus some of my good artists friends -even while dancing- what a hoot!

Self portraits of Andrew & Moi -one of those must photos one takes with the arm stretched out on every trip. [We take many to make sure I don't get the Jay Leno chin! :) ]

NYC: Saturday - ICFF Party at the MOMA

After completing our booth installation, we walked ICFF and I made a few good contacts with mfg who do really cool stuff. I mean, out of this world stuff that's only found in designer magazines. Hard to believe that I can be among them... collaborating.

Not knowing how big the show was, my first reaction was to walk it fast, ascertain the size and return to some of the neat showrooms that we made note of. We became decidedly jealous when we happened across this fabulous space within the show (imagine ribbons hanging from the ceiling made of car seat belt material) that were taught from ceiling to floor enclosing a wet bar -we were jealous that they had a wet bar -making this the hippest show to be scene at. Walking past, the ribbons of seat belts with channels of ghostly lighting being emitted from tiny channels in the floor made the folks sitting on benches inside appear as though they were in a hellish jail. The folks were calm, hanging out, texting their friends and sipping beers and martinis.

So exhausted, we found a little french bistro that we discovered a year ago across the hotel (we usually head to Greenwich Village -much cheaper, much more delish!) due to the nasty rain and the fact that we didn't want to head out very far and expend any more energy than we had to.

The exhaustion forced us to skip one party for which I had registered and move on to the next -our first real NYC party at the MOMA (one block down from the hotel). It's everything you imagine from the movies. Requisite black blazers for straight guys and velvet jackets for the gays. Women wore mostly black, I was the only one in a blue sexy sweater. Lifting hor d'oeurves from waiter's trays and snagging wine from the bar -it was an experience. Seriously, it was a fun party (lots of rude, tall, "I live the bulemic lifestyle, so screw you" types) as we traversed the schools of wannabes and made it to some of the fascinating exhibits.

Currently, there is an exhibit by Dan Perjovschi, a Romanian -I call 'the wall of scribbles'- that was almost 40 feet high -can't wait to upload photos- remarking the absurdity of US life.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Annual Tradeshow: Surtex

Surtex: Install Day

I know I should be more talkative about the annual tradeshow we participate in (SURTEX), but I get so darn busy from February to Mid-May that I don't give myself time to think - much less work out at the gym that my body craves.

It's Friday Night and my husband, Andrew has accompanied me to NYC for the said tradeshow as he has always done the past 4 years. We drove up from Raleigh yesterday, arrived ~10pm last evening exhausted. We unloaded the Element with most of our important IP collateral (imagery + prototypes) and brought them up to the room -I even asked the Bellman to allow me to accompany him up the back elevators due to my over protective nature. After all, I did spend hours upon hours creating and developing them. ;)

This morning, we transported the collateral back down to the Element and drove them to Javits; most of the booth is now installed with minor inconveniences. Mainly, we destroyed our brand new soft cork flooring with a cool new trolley we borrowed -the feet continuously poked holes thru-out the edge as we thoughtfully moved it from one panel to another, climbing up, installing, climbing down. Damn. We were both excited to have this foam core flooring to stand on (esp Andrew since he's recently had his infamous back surgery). Andrew tried to encourage me with statements like, "It'll pop back up." "It doesn't look that bad."


Later, when Andrew was installing the nightly wall coverings (one must do this to prevent easy image theft) I asked him if we were going to remove the floor each time -especially when our calendar is booked to bolt out of the doors to the parties and dinners we have planned -he acquiesced. Too bad, the floor would have been dynamite to use and we're out over $100 due to our negligence.

We missed lunch today and we were starved, so for dinner, we headed to our favorite Italian Restaurant: Focacceria (Greenwich Village) for Chicken Ravioli & Chocolate moltan lava cake. Tomorrow, we must rise early (O Wicked Sun, You Bring Bags to my Eyes), get back to the booth to eagerly complete it so that we can walked ICFF and attend a few parties at night.

Wish us luck!