Friday, November 30, 2007

Boylan Heights Art Walk - Sunday, Dec 2

It's Friday afternoon and I'm frantically checking my to-do list for my local show at Boylan on Sunday.

My friend Amy called last night to give me grief about not making it to yoga the past couple of sessions. She quickly realized that this is my busy season and Boylan was around the corner so then she decided to reveal her gracious side and volunteer to help out on the prep-work. Sure is nice to have thoughtful friends, even if their intentions are to phone me to call me names, like slacker for one.

Fortunately, I thought that I had more to do at this point, but looks like I'll be able to wrap most things up by this evening and then enjoy a glass of wine w/my favorite husband.

About noon, I emailed a PDF off to OfficeMax to have them print up about 50 2-ply order forms and when the rep called to ask a question, she also said that I'll have them a day early -yay! Also! I'm relieved to have just learned that my holiday pet cards are arriving this afternoon from the printer -yay! Big sigh. This means my pet enthusiasts will get their holiday cards for their Christmas greetings.

I had special treats made up for the pooches that stop by my booth on Sunday. Natural organic peanut butter crunch candy canes made in Vermont by a 10 year old boy who is trying to raise money to help with vet expenses for his 6 month old Border Collie puppy. When the box of peanut butter treats arrived in the mail, I wanted to eat them myself -yum!!

For more info to get your own organic treats, head to

About Boylan Art Walk
This weekend marks the last of our local public appearances, or any appearance for that matter at the Boylan Heights Art Walk. Be sure to get the Boylan Map in PDF and note my location change. Look for the Ping!

Now, back to work -better get those treats out of the freezer if I'm going to entice the pups to get their humans to see my work. Yoga on Tuesday is going to hurt, I can just feel it now.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

iTouch, iWant, iGot!

Andrew is the most fabulous husband ever!

Last night, he surprised me with a Jetson space-aged toy that will definitely appease my immediate need to research online at any given time. The iTouch, as was emphasized to me last night at the Apple store, was the music -even the tutorial online was all about the iTunes. That's nice -just give me the gadget so that I can show manufacturers my work at any given time and research them online as needed -any where, any time.

Baccharoo in the background.

Oh, and I'm listening to Handel's Water Music. While always a fav, the trumpets still cannot rouse me from my sluggishness due to taking this little toy under the sheets last night.

Okay, not quite, but this is only going to feed my inner Web-o-holic.

Bacchus Gone Goth!

More Journals! We've included a special black and pink leather journal just for the Goth in your life! We loved putting this color combo together!

Oh -and there's only one!

Find him quick on ETSY!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkey Weekend

After a traditionally huge and fabulous meal at Cafe Madam's with the extended family, Andrew and I retreated to Raleigh on Friday to catch the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Fine Art Show that evening -free entrance and free wine. I didn't get a chance to see some of my favorite artists but talk with a few returning about the marketplace.

Additionally, we worked like elves to assemble product and artwork for Boylan Heights Art Walk this next weekend. I've got much to do and hope that I can hit the treadmill a few times this week while stuffing cards once they arrive from the printer's this week.

Meanwhile, I was excited to learn that my red suede journal was featured on the ETSY homepage this weekend and earned lots of favorable response. Yay! Thanks to those who like my work enough to handpick it for their own.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Family Business Harmony & Las Vegas

I've just happened upon an article about family and business posted by Loyd Rawls on Expert Business Source.

When combining non-employed family members (ie parents, siblings, children, in-laws and out-laws) who essentially observe the goings-on of a family business through virtual means, the lack of full perspective can be and will assuredly be volatile. While family members may have a legitimate vested interest in the business from both a financial and emotional perspective, expectations to information entitlement can significantly impact the bonds of the family unit. Moreover, to gleam any nugget of apparent wisdom through seeming success, may be a red herring to another.

It's also important to note that when having casual discussions about business over drinks with family, one must remember that nothing is ever "off the record."

Read more about Family Harmony and Las Vegas....How Are They Related?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Before the First Bite of Turkey

Ever feel like one of those weeks just begs the bewildered working artist whose getting ready for bed to pipe up and ask, "Why do I feel so funky this week?"

Bacchus assisting with Kate's order.

While we waited for our shipment of holiday notecards to arrive from the printer this week, my crazy, funked up week allowed for more waffling than work. I do my best to make sure that any 'research' done online (note the air quotes) pertains to anything business. Naturally, my favorite husband sweeps me with his verbal eloquence and justifies why my behavioral response is attuned to my year-end expectations. *Ahhh* How did I get so lucky? I can feel completely quirky around my beloved and he rationalizes for me and conveniently blames anything and everything on the weather; like the fact that I've worked out dilgently for 5 weeks and haven't lost a pound!

And now -the holidays are upon us. *Big Sigh*

Before the first bite of turkey, I will do my best to return to the gym and work the cardio as hard as possible. If I don't, I promise not to be so hard on myself -I've already done that this week- although, I can't wait for Cafe Madam's delicious pumpkin pie.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hip Amenity: Embroidered Felt Scarves

I'm excited to let y'all know that we've got more savvy accessories for you: Embroidered, hand-felted scarves in a variety of colors -including a Stewart tartan!

Made with 100% wool, this soft and stylish scarf is gently hand-felted and embroidered in our studio. In addition to the tartan, our colors include black ink and chinese red.

Wait! It also includes your choice of one embroidered calligraphic motif: a snowflake, acorn, or leaf.

I love wearing my snowflake tartan with a little black leather jacket -it makes me look a bit sassy.

Anyone see a pattern here besides me? If so, let me know and you'll get $10 off the purchase of your next scarf.

Hip Amenity: On the Move

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bacchus Luxe Gift Set

For a limited time, I'm offering a fabulous gift set deal that is filled with our best sellers and favorite things *and* allows you to save over $50 on holiday gifts. A $291 value for only $240.

Bacchus Luxe Gift Set Includes:

· Bacchus & the Ball of Yarn Signed Framed Print
· Red Suede Luxe Journal featuring Bacchus
· Sterling Silver Etch Earring & Pendant Set
· ECStewart Collections Wooden Gift Box
· CalligraphyCats Volume 1 NoteCards

Offer Expires December 10

Snag your Bacchus Luxe Gift Set Now!

Monday, November 12, 2007

This Weekend: Impromptu Signing Party

Overall, the weekend was casual fun for me at Art of the Carolinas sponsored by Jerry's Artarama.

Warning: I've edited this at least 4 times, you'll want to come to read it again and again.

I was able to meet some incredible artists and some gracious reps from art supply companies. I became a North Light groupie and pretty much did my best to stay out of Mike's and his customers' way -I did manage to sign a few books for folks!

Also had the pleasure of meeting Paul W. McCormack and we each signed each other's pages in Strokes -how fun. Also met his funny wife Karen, who is also an illustrator and get this: she grooms images into dog fur!! Candidly, I told her to start a blog so that I could see photos of her art of grooming.

Additionally, my favorite new friends are:
Joe DiGiulio, MRasheed, and Bill Canright

Thanks guys! I'll be stalking ya! Only Karen laughed and said, "yea!"

Meanwhile, hanging at this tradeshow taught me many lessons this weekend:

  • If you enjoy combat shopping, do it at noon on Friday, Sunday, and after the workshops let out each evening, the vendors love it. If you just want a leisure look-see and don't want to buy a darn thing, do it Saturday.
  • Also, lurk around the vendor booths and constantly ask when the discounts begin, they love that, too. What vendor wouldn't want to give their stuff away for free?
  • I learned that F+W Publications (aka North Light) has groupies and I've become one. Now I need to scope out F+W events, purchase my plane tickets and set out for an adventure of a life time. Because reading books for free at their booth is loads of fun, where else can one do that?
  • If you can't flip over a book to check it's price, then you should ask the vendor if all the books are the same price. I've never know books to be different prices and wonder why I'm surprised when I see some coffee table books differ from step-by-steps. Baffling.
  • When you watch artists demonstrating effects with their medium of choice, ask them what their medium of choice is. It doesn't matter if he's only using acrylics, ask him again -he loves it.
  • Then ask him how long it took him so that you can weigh the price against the hours completed, divide, and then decide if his art is worth the pennies-per-day something you'd enjoy.
  • Don't forget to ask for samples. I heard some book publisher was holding a special: All you could carry.
Okay, this is all in jest, in case you need to be reminded. Blame Michael Ian Black. Naturally, I'm never snarky, but this guy just put in all in perspective for me this morning.
My favorite husband was busy at home cutting and sewing suede books for us, so he wasn't able to join the fun or take my photo lurking about. Photo documentation probably would have turned up as evidence in court, so I guess it's best not to take photos including me.

Thanks for coming out to see me - it was fun meeting new enthusiasts.

Back to Work vs Work Out Waffling

Now, after feeling like I wasted an hour listening to Michael and not working continously, my self-induced guilt about not cramming 18hrs of work today will affect my tv time with my favorite husband. After all, it's Monday night, and we've got to watch 2 1/2 men and think of our friend Kate who secretly thinks of us, too, somewhere in New Jersey while we're watching simulatenously.

BrainStorm 1.0
I know! Backup to this weekend: Andrew and I were watching some segment on homes of the future and learned that families will actually enjoy living apart. Additionally, they'll eat in front of monitors, having virtual dinners together. That's what Kate and we could do! We could enjoy watching her daughter grow up as we adults force her to watch inappropriate television and then try to explain what some explicit terms mean. (I had to do that once with a stepson, it wasn't pretty, believe me.)

I'll call Kate and let her know this is what she should do, I know her husband will love the idea.

Update: Oh yeah, I was supposed to talk about working out. My pretend time to head to the gym is 1:30 EST, but now that it's 12:24pm and I've just had a measly breakfast (my husband never feeds me). I need to wait another hour to have lunch then dash out to sweat ferociously in public. Sound like waffling to you? Mmmm... waffles. Think I'll stop by the IHop; conveniently, it's located across the street from the gym -no kidding!

Amy, support me here!

It's 12:28EST and my friends Kate and Amy haven't responded to my entry yet. I did talk about them and reference their Web sites. If they haven't responded by 1pm EST, please write them and tell them to do so.


You Can't Make Me Listen, I'm Coding!!

This morning, my favorite husband leaves to go work (ala for his mistress.) I never understood why he always shave for her and not for me? He leaves himself scruffy all weekend and waits to shower -for her. Humpfth! Maybe, I'll stop shaving, that'll teach him. Scruffy, huh? I can play that game! I'll win, too! And then, no more business time.

That'll teach me. Sigh.

You Can't Make Me Listen, I'm Coding!!!
Well, shortly before 10 this morning, I get an email from my favorite husband and he tells me that Bob Edwards is interviewing Michael Ian Black on XMPublic Radio in the next segment -he caught parts of it enroute to meet the mistress and toil for the next 8 hours. Naturally, I say I can't listen to the inteviews because I'm coding (my Web site) or writing in this case as I was attempting to collate past weekend events and blog 'em.

I know that guy!
Well, I tuned into Bob Edwards and waited for the interview to begin -the Monday interview with David Broder always saddens me. Suddenly, a familiar voice began to ring over the airwaves. As Bob continued the interview and I listened to Michael's laundry list of comedic acts, I realized, "I know that guy!" I suck with names. I suck with faces. But alone in my studio, I play a game called, "I know that (insert animal, mineral, or vegetable here)!" And behold!

We love watching him on "We Love the (insert year here)." Dry, snarky, and caught me completely off guard, I had to stop my work and listen to the rest. The glow of my monitors that usually give me the pasty radiance I so love beckoned me to continue -I just had to push away. Push away and enjoy listening to someone funny -not that my husband isn't funny- he's actually freaking hilarious, but we both enjoy Michael's humor.

I can't wait to download his first standup album to our IPod. We'll listen to it together when we begin our belated honeymoon and play, "Who's the terrorist?" at the airport. Think I'll go with the favorites.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Studio News: Gift Sets

If you're feeling daunted about holiday shopping, I've just come up with a holiday idea that may ease your worries: Gift sets!

I'm starting with the Calligraphy volumes of cats, dogs, petpourri, and Chinese zodiac that will allow you to save some bucks and enjoy great art.

For more info, please go to: Holiday 2007

Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy Birthday, Andrew!!

To the man who makes my life richer and makes ECStewart Designs possible, I wish you many happy returns!!

Much love,
Your Favorite Wife,

iTouch, iWant

iWant! iWant! iWant!

Andrew insisted on visiting the Apple Store when we strolled out today for his birthday. Ohhhh, he shouldn't have done that.

I've been pretty darn good about keeping my expenses in check the past few years -picking up only what I need for the office and maintaining my frugality.

Not today.

While the iPhone tickled my fancy, it has two major flaws:

1) a phone (silly, I know) and
2) the carrier

I already have a phone and don't use half the amenities on it and I moved from Cingular for a reason. So, naturally, I immediately dismissed the idea of hopping on the wagon.

Today is different.

This iTouch is everything minus the phone. Wi-Fi enabled, this allows me to check out out a company on the fly wherever I am; this capability is a must when I'm out and about town.

iWant this. iWant it baaaaad.

Update: I was listening to 'Fred' on XMRadio today and heard the song by OMD, "If you leave" and thought the chorus lyrics would be a perfect fit for an iTouch jingle.

I touch you once, I touch you twice
I won't let go at any price
I need you now like I need you then...

Wonder if I can get royalties for the mere suggestion?

UPDATE: iGot! Read how!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Studio News: Book Signing Event!

Looks like I'll have an opportunity to sign some books publicly!!

Art of the Carolinas hosted by Jerry's Artarama is this weekend, Friday, November 9 - Sunday, November 11th. North Light Books will host a table and have invited me to promote Strokes of Genius: The Best of Drawing!!

I'm still waiting for dates and times, so I'll keep you posted!

Update: I understand that the event is pretty low-keyed. I'll swing by the F+W Pubs table on Friday to see if I can confirm a time for Saturday, between 2 - 4pm.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Indelible Eros

My enthusiasts find incredible ways to support my work. Recently, I had a devotee, Katie, tell me that she wanted to commemorate her initial tattooing experience with "something special and representative" of herself and her love of cats. After finding my work in a mail order catalog, she just happened to choose an indelible image of Eros (minus the empty bowl).

I find these acts of permanent expression awe inspiring and for the longest time, I never personally considered getting a tattoo. After a few years of developing my calligraphic gestures, I have had several people ask me if it would be something that I would do; I never really thought about -until now.

When I received Katie's decorative skin art photos, I was no less amazed than when I see my work on other substrates. Now, I began to wonder... Is my courage budding? Might I actually break through my wussiness to enthrone my own calligraphic work on the largest organ of my body?

Then again, perhaps I'm entering a mid-life crises and wish the need for something radical. For me, tattoos are pretty radical, but I was actually hoping for a brand new Z4 roadster...

For now, I'll admire my work on surfaces other than my own.