Thursday, March 31, 2005

Creative Living as Luxe?

I am an artist. I believe we are all artists. I've been caught saying this before and have influenced other thinkers on this matter: No matter how one thinks of oneself, one is an artist. Even while doing dishes, the very act of doing the dishes is performance art -every act thereafter is just derivative of that act. Composing music, writing, illustrating, acting are just imitations of that act caught two-dimensionally.

So why is it after 40 years I've just confessed to myself that creating art was a luxury? I knew that year 40 would be a magical year. This year is the coming of age story of myself where I take direction with the knowledge I have experienced and acquired and put it to go use. Very good use.

I find myself frequently saying, "Thank God for Andrew." He was the one who has enabled me to focus and create art work worthy of other's adoration. As I played with paints, beads, and ink, we both found unique statement that begins a series worthy of reproduction.

I now believe creating art is not a luxury, but a mandate ordered to fulfill my promise to the world. I am liking this mandate.

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Christine Andrews said...

I have to face this question often myself, mostly put to me by others. It's almost as if it's considered improper to earn money with something you are having so much fun doing! We all get dealt a hand, and I'm glad mine is holding a paintbrush...