Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Maxims for the Self

I've learned a number of things in my mere first 40 years of life and wish there were more than 40 remaining. Weaving through-out my life, I've created maxims for the self.

Maxim 1 Never to make rules for oneself; they only limit your experience as a human being. You never looked good as a curmudgeon anyway.

Maxim 2 Don't become an arm-chair theorist; get out there and do something about that very thing that makes you mad. No one likes a whiner.

Maxim 3 The word "No" is a full sentence.

Maxim 4 Travel. This will make you appreciate what your home has to offer and it will also expand your life beyond your own shortsightedness. If you decide your homelife isn't meeting your expectations upon your return, then change it.

Maxim 5 Find Your Passion. If you don't know what that is, read. Reading a variety of materials and experiencing life will help you begin to develop your personal philosophy.

Maxim 6 Enjoy Risk; don't fear it. Expedite your time awfulizing about how bad things could get by asking yourself, "Could one die from this little adventure?" If the answer is no, do it!

Once in awhile I'll assess my life and count how many risks I've taken in any given time. If my life is feeling stale, I look at an area that needs to be shaken a little and give it a good throttling!

I've made great strides in the last 10 years (specially the last 5) and I certainly wouldn't change any of it. I'm definitely looking forward to the next 10 and hope to double my experiences with aplomb!

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