Saturday, October 22, 2005

Creative Authenticity

Hugh MacLeod's work was one of my first posts initiating my new position within new-laden land of the blog-o-sphere.

Well, I've recently discovered his manifesto on How To Be Creative. The value of authenticity and hard work are often shoved in the closet for a shortcut and it's heartbreaking to see this happen to fellow human beings. This manifesto is a definite read for those who:

  • Find themselves bitching around the watercooler (stop hanging w/crowds)
  • Have relinquished their creative sovereignty (be true to yourself)
  • Believe they will suddenly be discovered (your plan is already doomed)
  • Don't understand the balance of the 'sex & cash' theory (don't quit your day job)
  • Refuse to acknowledge the existence of their private Mt Everest (everyone has one)
  • Use fancy props as a crutch (needing state-of-the-art _(fill in blank)_ to accomplish x)
  • Adopted another's business plan as their own (our paths are not the same)
  • Compare themselves to others (practice = authenticity)
  • Insist drugs & booze make better artists (never a happy ending)
  • Underestimate competition & overestimate personal chances (hardwork = reward)
  • Are married to the medium for the wrong reasons (payments to Satan aren't cheap)
  • Seek inspiration in a vacuum (the creative block needs fuel)
and need help in understanding the challenges and rewards of being creative.

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Jeanne Rhea said...

I read a lot of gapingvoid's blog. Enlightening as well as fun! Cartoons are so good. Love that one--"Was it good for you? Read my blog." I could spend some time there analyzing how I work. Being creative is not my problem, I don't think--but carrying through to develop finished product is harder for me.