Monday, February 06, 2006

Wake County Women's Center Art Show

Currently, I am involved in a multi-artist show benefitting Wake County's Women's Center. It's being held at the charming Percolator Lounge thru the end of February. Since my work seems to be catching some attention, my framed cats, dogs, birds, and flowers are frequently rotating.

We had our artist reception this last Thursday that included some notables like Marina Bossetti, Jeanne Rhea, Elizabeth Galecke, and Annelies that produced some decent money for the center.

While talking with Annelies about her body casts, I found it interesting that her take wasn't just about pregnant women, but women of all shapes and sizes and to highlight their individuality -not what Hollywood imposes. Falling right into my intensity, we agreed that there may be another women's movement ready to burst as in the 60's, but believing most of it will help by the support of the Indy Film makers.

Young girls and women have such pressure from advertising from even more venues than I had growing up, swirling in the eddy of hopeless dread.

What I'd like to see
I'd like to see a grassroots movement happen- specifically to benefit young girls.

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