Sunday, March 26, 2006

Character Credit

Run a red light recently? Raleigh is considering to apply a blemish to one's credit report should one employ the 'no cop, no stop' mantra.

Actually, I like that.

While I'm against the institution of big brother, I'm pondering the benefit of the character credit system. This might just deter the hypocrites who believe they're above the law and I bet you can name one or two who are either in your own family, community, or those in the public spotlight.

How would this help those who feel the morals are going to dogs these days? I think this could be an interesting start to forcing folks to account for their lack of character.

Think of the parents who tell children not to smoke or not to swear (or worse), but continue to repress any self-control. The parent gets a citation for smoking in a public place gets a mark on his credit report. Hopefully, Jr will learn from Dad's poor judgment before he makes the same mistake.

If an athlete can be forced to pay a fine for bad behavior during a game, and take a seat on the bench, why shouldn't Jr who has just run a red light? Bad behavior has consequences, but for the wealthy, it's not a big deal. Even if their credit score is questionable, they have enough cash to make large purchases that circumvent the issue.

The FCC has fined networks for unexpected illicit behavior during programming all because parents were expecting something appropriate for children. So, when Congress is in session and Cheney tells a fellow Senator to F*Off, is he above the law? I know this certainly isn't the kind of behavior I was expecting out of an elected official, so shouldn't he be fined by the FCC as well and supply a nick on his character credit? At this point, Cheney's record would be black, but that's another story.

Likewise, any good deed also gets included on the character credit report.

What are your thoughts?

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