Friday, May 19, 2006

My Virtual Life: Business Week Cover Story

Speaking of virtual real estate, has anyone read the article in Business Week: May 1:
Virtual World, Real Money? Reader Reports:

Oh, now this is fascinating and can't wait to get personally involved.

Anyone else involved in Second Life? I'm thinking of making Felidae Isle a virtual isle for my frolicking pussy cats. Please let inquiring minds know what to expect because this is truly awesome -and I refrain from using that word "awesome" but it's a bitchin concept that could probably screw with my head in ways I haven't conceived.



Jeanne Rhea said...

I vaguely remember seeing something about this quite some time ago. (The marketplace part of the concept and the Linden dollars.) I have sent an email to Alan to see what he knows about it and to have him look it over. Interesting!

Jeanne Rhea said...

I asked Alan about Second Life. He wrote a blog entry about it. Here is the link.
It helped me understnad it better than just going to the site and trying to figure out what it was all about. Looks really fun, but I don't know if I have enough time for real life and a virtual life. I already have this other creative life going on in my head even in my sleep!

CREATIVEGoddess said...

A new article on AdAge today about peddling your brand to alter egos within Second Life: