Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fine Art ReDiscoveries

Initially, my premise for going to Lazy Days was essentially to check out the booth the Carolina Mix Media Guild had installed. After chatting with my good friend Jeanne at the booth, I also ran into a few of the folks I hadn't seen since one of the two meetings I actually attended this past year.

Moreover, I happened upon a former instructor of mine whose work I absolutely prize: Woody Chaimongkol. His charcoal dust technique is impeccable and I was lucky enough to have taken one of his first courses at Jerry's Art-a-Rama here in Raleigh.

His Web site ( is currently defunct, but I think I'll encourage him to get a few of his pieces up and showcased -his work is too good not to be seen.

1 comment:

Jeanne Rhea said...

Very, very nice work. Yep, you should encourage him to get a site up!