Wednesday, October 18, 2006

You Can Bury It With You

So, I guess I should be applauding any company wanting to take it's brand to the grave, but c'mon!

I read today that baseball teams are now allowing fans to don their caskets with their favorite teams logos. Seriously. MLB has signed an agreement with Eternal Image which is gearing up for making urns and caskets for all 30 teams. It's true that one of the prime target audiences is the boomers and geezers, but a spokesman for the National Funeral Directors Association indicates that baseball products are part of a trend they're trying to capture. "It's the life and the passions of the person that has passed away," states Kurt Soffe.

But why bury the fans? Why not just cremate them, stuff 'em in a baseball and whack them out into the big outfield in the sky?

Now that I've got an opportunity to design my own casket (ick), I'm thinking the images of the CalligraphyPets should adorn the outside and kitty litter filled within.

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