Monday, February 04, 2008

Chinese Zodiac: A Giveaway!!

Note: We've got a winner!

It's that time of year where we celebrate everyone's birthday through the Chinese Zodiac. February 7th, we celebrate the Rat and we're here to show you that we show no favoritism. We want you all to enjoy the new year -your style.

A Classic CalligraphyPets Chinese Zodiac Signed unframed print.
Your Choice! Yes, that's right. You know the ones: 11 x 11 with my red kanji printed on the bottom. So enlarge that collage below to choose your prized image (within the Chinese Zodiac) and keep it close until I call your name!

Click to Enlarge.

Animal/Year Dates
1924 1936 1948 1960 1972 1984 1996 2008
1925 1937 1949 1961 1973 1985 1997 2009
1926 1938 1950 1962 1974 1986 1998 2010
1927 1939 1951 1963 1975 1987 1999 2011
1928 1940 1952 1964 1976 1988 2000 2012
1929 1941 1953 1965 1977 1989 2001 2013
1930 1942 1954 1966 1978 1990 2002 2014
1931 1943 1955 1967 1979 1991 2003 2015
1932 1944 1956 1968 1980 1992 2004 2016
1933 1945 1957 1969 1981 1993 2005 2017
1934 1946 1958 1970 1982 1994 2006 2018
1935 1947 1959 1971 1983 1995 2007 2019

Not So Sticky Rules:

1. One has to respond to this blog entry to qualify
2. I'd like you to be at least 18.
3. Contest Ends Thursday, February 7, 6:00pm (EST)
4. Free shipping for US Residents (lower 48)
5. Shipping outside US/48 may have to help defray costs
6. Andrew and I will use the online number generator to ID the winner.
7. You must be reachable so that we can contact you.
8. You must confirm your prize within one week or you forfeit and another winner will be chosen.
9. You can't be related to me -even thru marriage. Besides, you get all kinds of cool stuff from me anyway, right?

Special Notes: For the contest entries whose number doesn't come up, I'd like to offer free shipping on a print of your choice from ECStewart Collections / CalligraphyPets. Email me before you order.

UPDATE: The contest is now closed and I want to thank you all for your participation! Since we only had 6 folks sign up this time (sorry for the late post), we used our brand new dice. And the winner is...


Suzanne, you'll want to send me a note (creativegoddess at ecstewart dot com) to let me know your snail mail address and the your print of your choice!

UPDATE 2: For the rest of contest entrants, I'd like to offer free shipping on a print of your choice from ECStewart Collections / CalligraphyPets. Email me before you order.

Email: creativegoddess at ecstewart dot com

Again, thanks so much! Perhaps I'll do another one this month...


Christine said...

Hello, Lisa!

I would just be thrilled to be included in your give away for the Chinese Zodiac!

I absolutely LOVE the new items you have created. I will be shopping for sure!

Please add me to your list for the giveaway. Thank you!


Unknown said...

Hi, Lisa -
I always love getting your e-mails - your creations are always awesome.
Please count me in -
Take care,

SuziQCat said...

Hi Lisa,

I have both sets of the cat greeting cards, and my friends always comment when I send them one. They are great! I'd love to win the zodiac give-away!


Unknown said...

Hi Lisa,
count me in. I'd love to add to my collection :-)

Jeanne Rhea said...

Hi Lisa,
Sign me up. Would love to get one of the Chinese zodiac prints!

Tutsmom said...

Such beautiful work--I would be blessed if I received one--especially the tiger for my birth year. Thank you for such beauty.