Thursday, July 03, 2008

Studio Stacation

I say every year that when Memorial Day has come, Summer's done.

I love Summer and this sucks.

My birthday has passed and Labor Day is right around the corner!! Somewhere tucked in there is my wedding anniversary. yay!

I am enjoying my walks w/J & C in the morning and the dancing fireflies in the evening. So at the very least, I am actually enjoying Summer without the burn. I've attempted several evenings to photograph the staccato dance of the fireflies in the yard -alas, they mate incognito. Ewwww...

Okay, now I am a photojournalist: Taking mating-ritual photos of bugs. Hmm. Maybe I'll just collect them in a jar like every 8 year old does and take photos... now I've jumped off the deep end because I was about to mention the "p" word. I guess that all depends to whom I sell the photos, right?

Wait! I was going to mention my Stacation.
While the US celebrates our independence this weekend, we're saddled with a stacation.

Def: Stacation is the result of remaining at home on a holiday break. It may be due to gas prices, lack of coin, studio products, or home improvement projects that need to get done.

Our old home, the typical ranch built after the WII is showing it's signs of age. The next imminent project is replacing a double glass door (in my new production area) with a wall and a couple of windows. Oh joy. I can think of other things I'd rather be doing.

We've broken up our trips to Lowe's so that we can prevent paying for one of those oh-so-cheap rental trucks which isn't so cheap after all. Tonight: large and heavy materials like plywood, sheet rock, and God knows what else.

I am looking forward to completely renovating the workshop.

The photo above is from our trip to Edinburgh just before New Year's. We got some awesome footage of the fireworks and river of fire walk for charity on film -I just need to take the time to figure out how to download it from the camcorder. Oh! I haven't scheduled my one-to-one at the Apple store yet, I could do that this weekend.


Andrew would be so disappointed in me if I ran away from this house project.

Anyone else benefitting from or suffering from a stacation? Best answer gets a prize.


Fr.Bob said...

Hi Lisa:
Never heard of "Stacition" but that sounds like a good name! It certainly describes what Jean and I are doing this summer. The trip to Canada was wonderful as we have said but it did take the budget for a ride in the wrong way. So here we stay and "sweat" I guess that would be "perspire" in polite language Oh well, here we are waiting for the Tomatoes to ripen up.
Love to you both;
Dr. Bob.

Madam said...

I trust there will be "bow by blow" photos of the renovation! Having difficulty picturing the process, so keep us posted!!
If your carpenter is available, can we afford him?? We will pay gas mileage!
Are all the flags in N.C. at half mast today or will the fireworks celebrate the demise of the late beloved(?)great Jesse Helms??

Michelle said...

So far, our "stacation" has been a good one; we've actually benefitted from other people's stacations--they've stayed close to home, attended Festival for the Eno, and some have even spent some money! Yay. So far, so good...two more days to go.