Thursday, May 05, 2005


I awoke with the anticipation of tracking the UPS package and the flowers. They indeed arrive at 10:10 and 10:48 respectively. Deep sigh of relief. Now, I still hoped that someone at the home at the sense of urgency to open the package and reveal the contents. Further, I wanted 'the letter' read to her.

He had responded to my email I wrote last night. He was surpised that the staff was as tight lipped as they were. Surprise, surprise. I wrote him back asking him not to turn her case into another Terri Schiavo. After her issues with diabetes, being overweight, her heart attacks, the death of her dog and her husband last year, and the fact that she conceded to give her house to the kids, she had finished her work. I had asked him to be aware of that because she had no more concerns with life in general.

I continued to work feveriously on my illustrations as I was so far behind on the series and SURTEX is only next week. I still have yet to stylize them, put them into layout compositions for each page and create suggested prototypes for them. I managed to finish inking the gardening, topiaries, and patio for scanning.

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