Thursday, May 05, 2005

Perfect Timing

While talking with Angelique, I asked her a barrage of questions about my flowers and overnight package. She simply didn't know. It seemed selfish, but I needed to know that Mrs Yalda knew she was in my thoughts and waking memories.

I decided to call the attending nurse at Riverbend. She didn't know about the flowers, so she put me on hold. As I waited, eventually, the call got dropped.

Pushing redial, I decided to talk with the receptionist at the desk because they sign for everything, including my flowers and package. The receptionist pushed my call to the 'activities' center. Mia picked up my call and assured me that she received the packaged, opened it and read everything inside. She asked me about the calligraphy, she talked about the Christmas card and the Valentines Card. She said she read the letter to her. As she opened the contents and showed them to her, Mrs Yalda acknowledged everything she saw. As Mia told me this, my eyes began to well and I began to lose composure. She told me everything I needed to hear and I thanked her for all that she did.

I'm taking a giant leap here, but I'm thinking that my sense of urgency and the sway between having the package arrive before 10:30 or in the afternoon was insightful. Moreover, I think that Mrs Yalda was waiting to hear from me before she said goodbye to the world. I'm thinking for one small brief moment, me and my art mattered.

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