Thursday, July 14, 2005

Naughty Chocolate Pudding Cups

Okay, so we've been doing our best to stay away from that big cheesecake house down the street. It's tough, admittedly, especially with their chocolate mousse double layer cake. Oh yum!

Since we've been really trimming down our excesses, even though we eat pretty darn well (fish + veggies), we really do love chocolate. We made a rich and tasty substitute with very little fat, albeit a few calories: Naughty Chocolate Pudding Cups.

One large Jell-O Brand Sugar Free-Fat Free Chocolate Pudding Mix (2.1oz)
Follow directions
Where it says to use 3 cups cold fat free milk, use 2.5 cups milk and .5 cup of Sambrosa Coffee Liquer.
Mix and pour into 4 small ramikins or small coffee cups
Let sit for 24 hours (directions say 5 min, but we found it becomes dense & rich)


Kahlua vs Sambrosa
We did use Kahlua, but Andrew decided one night to use more and it became bitter. The sambrosa was a happy accident and when he used more, it remained very smooth and rich.

We've also used Mint Schnapps, but too much can be overwhelming, too. We cut that back to only a couple of tablespoons rather than a full .5 cup.

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