Friday, July 08, 2005

Take Two Viking Kittens and Call Me In the Morning

Ye-haw! I finally found it. A few years ago this crazy Brit, Joel Veitch decided to put kittens and Led Zepplin together and create one of the world's most hilarious animation. He's got more, but this by far is my most favorite.

For a bellyache: Viking Kittens
My second fav: Northern

Why is it on my site? Well, after the world linked to the Viking Kittens playing out the hammer of the Gods, the ISP couldn't handle the load. A couple years elapse and suddenly everyone has this flash animation ready for download for those who want it. I wouldn't normally do this, but Joel's got full copyright credit and this does nothing but promote his work.

To see more kittens stomping thru Europe, visit Joel's site

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