Saturday, January 14, 2006

Snowflakes are Blinking

So we've got this digital thermometer in the kitchen that exhibits both indoor & outdoor temperatures as well as humidity. Upon arriving into the kitchen tonight, I see that the mostly full moon is casting a fascinating glow on our deck. Momentarily, the wind seems to have died down and I wonder what the temp is currently, so I pull the down the thermometer off the shelf to examine it.

"Oh, look Pip, the snowflakes are blinking," mindlessly I say to the cat as the temperature & humidity are prime for the white stuff. My mind wanders back to the glowing deck reminiscent of an exotic, sultry evening in the North Carolina summer. After all, the past few days have been a sweet reminder of late August.

However, noting the cruel deception by the stillness of the night, I scurry into the bathroom to empty my bladder for the last time in the evening. God how cold and frigid the nights were in the North and as a kid, refusing to do anything more than necessary before jumping into bed. Moreover, nothing is more sublime than having a toilet seat warmed by a nearby heater.

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