Thursday, January 19, 2006

Spelling Bee & Matchmaking?

There is a new strategy in the dating scene: An Adult Spelling Bee Contest complete with a martini bar.

The Review
This offbeat mixer revives post-childhood anxiety, but to our good fortunate of being over-age, it allows us to dilute our nerves with a little sweet vermouth at the open bar. Bonding over spelling victories, the singles have spelling categories that range from the raunchy to the ridiculous, such as: Snoop Doggy Dogg, chupacabra, and chlamydia.

While I'm not a martini drinker -but think the glasses are 'oh so cool' and collect them for my outlaws, I hope they've at least created a drink called, 'The Spelling Bee.'

Note to Husband: Don't worry, this site happens to include classes in the arts and it's all done at the 92 Street Y.

Just another reason why I wished I lived in NYC.


Jeanne Rhea said...

I read about the spelling bee at Bickett Gallery in the newspaper. (The link did not work for the one you have so don't know if this is the same.) ---and it sounded like a lot of fun. We need something to help us do a little better at spelling. The words they are choosing would not help very much on an average day on the computer. ;) I've noticed that the faster we want our computers to work---the faster we want to type and get work done. It seems that it has become acceptable to have misspelled words. I still cringe when I go back and read what I have written when I see that I misspelled a simple word!

CREATIVEGoddess said...

I believe both reviews about the same thing but have different focus that I happen to find interesting.

The article from 92Y is actually focused on singles gathering over an innocent game, coupled with a martini bar.

The N&O article is fixated only on the competition itself, with a minor mention that it's hit the bar scene.

I suppose it's not all that surprising that the bible belt still insists on influencing free speech.