Thursday, November 09, 2006

Farewell Gurty

Tonight, for the first time in 20 years, I exhumed my trumpet from it's comfortable chocolate crushed velvet case... to play taps.

I'm devestated by tonights events. Gurty, a neighbor's dog, was carelessly hit by a speeding old man whose license needs to be revoked. Regardless of his self-proclaimed fact that he grew up as the only kid with 25 hunting dogs will never bring Gurty back to her family. A horrible event I witnessed (in my mind's eye) several hundred times just waiting for the real event (actually witnessed) to happen while attempting to unload Andrew's Element of office toys. And now I'm drinking.

My head hurts. It's better than my stomach that's been in knots for several hours after watching her 80lb golden retriever body hit the pavement infront of the children and parents. That 86 year old SOB never stopped nor did he hit his brakes -I ran after him as fast as my damn heeless shoes would let me.

I'm sickened by the thought of that family next door with swollen eyes from crying so hard who must live with the regret of never putting her on a leash -but hey! Why should we when we don't live on a highway? Seriously! It's only 25 thru here and the bastards from the adjacent neighborhood feel it's well within their right to race to the other end of Childers.

I told that old coot that I was waiting from someone from Blenheim to hit a pet -or a child. And it had to be him. He swore he was only driving 25 mph but from a distance I heard Andrew yell, "BULLSHIT! What if that were a kid!!"

For me, kids and pets are on the same equivalency chart. Headhunters in New Guinea rate pigs higher than kids -but that's their social mentality, not mine.

I'd like to have that old man's license revoked for good.

Cops were called and children were babysat while the parents lamented their horrific decision over the life of their family member. I cradled my gut until the parents came home and the cops finally showed. I know the family doesn't want me to make an example out of Gurty but I do want to make an example out of the old man who killed their dog.

Right now, I'll be content with disentombing the brass on a very poignant occasion.

Gurty, this is for you.

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