Monday, November 13, 2006

Fear of Hospital Dramas

Dalton Ross on talks about his intense fear of hospital dramas, regardless of top ratings and I agree. Like Ross, I'll go into convulsions if I hear "Code Blue" or "50 cc's" of anything and I'll just paralyze in place.

This morning, at O'Freaking early, I had to accompany my husband into the hospital for a spinal-fusion. He does a really good job of remaining calm thru any situation - my emotions swing just a bit -from yelling at the old man who just hit our neighbor's dog to cracking jokes at the nurse who is inserting an IV into Andrew's hand.

I don't much like sitting here in the public waiting room. It's loud and I just want to sleep thru his surgery, however, the staff have other plans. I spied a waiting room for those in ICU and I almost sneaked in to grab a cat nap but I was afraid I'd miss Andrew's wake up call.

Alas, I'll blog and keep myself amused thru this slow news day -I must report any global news to the man as soon as he wakes -like he'll remember. :) Yeah, I get to tell him about the air guitar at least 5 times and make it sound interesting each time -complete with spasmatic convulsions.

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