Saturday, July 14, 2007

IF: Discovery

Bacchus Discovers Wine

Earlier this year, I combined CCats V2 - Play and a glass of wine for a charity event. I thought it was perfect for Discovery.

I'm always hearing myself yell, "No Bacchus! Not the wine!"

This print will be available soon through


° said...

nice line work with ur pen

Tina Poe said...

My cat wants to put his paws in everything I drink. Lovely simple lines.

Jeanne Rhea said...

Love it! I had not seen that one.

Roger said...

Your blog name creative Goddess got me in,
love your simple linework reminds me of Matisse,
also the book cover looks intriguing, I will try to buy it from Borders, tomorrow,but as I'm In South Australia, may have to order it, and wait awhile!!