Sunday, September 30, 2007

Four Eyes Reprise

This week's been a pretty good week -busy, but good. I've had a mfg call and ask for imagery, so between Halloween (my favorite holiday!) and paisley -my studio looks like I've had paisley explosion.

Now I sleep, eat, dream and draw paisley. This week I was caught sketching paisley ideas from a customer's shirt at Trader Joe's. I do my best to look inconspicuous, but hey! When I'm jonesin' for paisley, can't stop this girl -unless we're wandering thru the wine aisle. "Ohh, Cabernet!!"

My annual eye visit was this week and I knew that I was due for new lenses -my eyes are changing so fast that I had issues back in March. I was so very disappointed that my current frames (they're so sexy!) would not hold the new lenses as I'm getting the progressive. Alas, I found ones very similar and I can have new lenses installed in the current ones for reading in bed. Yay!

My hair finally got a badly needed overhaul (humidity and fine hair make good partners not) and dinner with Amy & Phil -Amy cooked this time and we brought the wine. Again, she hounded me about joining the Y, so I acquiesced and became a member this week. Now Amy wants me to join her for yoga! I just need Andrew to kick me out of bed so that I can work toward becoming svelte before our honeymoon in December!!

Looks like I'll be spending all day at the gym -I'd better look good in December!

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