Monday, September 24, 2007

Sad Passing: Laurel Burch

I was sad to learn this weekend that one of my beloved inspirations Laurel Burch, has died. Laurel was one of the very reasons I became an artist due to her artistic achievements despite her adversities. I will miss her evolving works.

Back when I aspired to become an accomplished artist, feeling destitute and alone, I'd walk into Hudson's Department store to examine the latest fashion. I absolutely love scarves and remember finding Laurel's gorgeous scarves with fabulous cats and horses amidst the sea of color. Although reasonably priced, I could never afford a scarf and always saved a place in my collection to include one or two of her pieces. Later in life, I came across her Fantastic Feline mug on a department store shelf and coveted it for my very own.

Today, I drink out of her Fantastic Felines mug today to salute her and her artistic perseverance through her illness, heartache, and success.

You can read the NYTimes Article Here

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Jeanne Rhea said...

This is very interesting. I did not know she was one of your inspirations, but I had the urge to email you as soon as I read about her passing a few days ago. I always admired her work, but had never known about her adversities until I read her obituary. So amazing what some people accomplish under difficult circumstances.