Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Namaste: Downward Dog Illo

After paying NC Sales tax this morning, I headed to the gym where I was to meet Amy at yoga. I knew it was going to kick my butt, though, I wasn't sure how -after all, this was my very first yoga class!

I have had exposure to yoga, the self-teaching at home with DVDs and yoga cards, plus the inevitable various stimuli: cats, cat hair, stereo, stereo fading in and out, drive by UPS trucks, phones ringing, email wav files, squirrels running by the window, cats running over me to get the squirrels running past several windows -I think you get the idea.

The yoga class was an intermediate and while concerned, I participated at my own peril -or at least by my own very humiliation. A little wobbly and the oh-so-limber chick on the next mat, I managed to push through my own physical boundaries.

The Y is rebuilding it's facility and I might add that it is extraordinary -I felt like I was on a grounded Enterprise with amenities to suit almost any recreational need. After yoga, I returned to the 3rd floor where I could reacquaint myself to the weights -my first love. After an abbreviated workout, I will sign with a trainer to initiate my routine.

Meanwhile, after a bit of refreshing inspiration -aside from the impromtu cycle and roving cats in my production area at home- I decided it was well overdue to create Downward Dog. I think he's adorable and now available for your pleasure, too.

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Jeanne Rhea said...

You are good! Downward Dog is fantastic---and cute.