Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Studio Notes: October Events

This has been an interesting week.

As I plod along working on paisley (yes, still working!), my enthusiasts have asked about the Aspirations show currently being held at EVOO; they're excited to get their pieces and I don't blame them. One local purchaser even stopped by to ask if she could pick up her pieces from the venue -talk about frenzied!!

Well, with any show, I provide an inventory sheet to keep track of the pieces I've installed; this little visual cue helps me to cross off what I've sold, to whom, and provide an easy guide for the wait staff. Also, I like to remove the pieces myself so that I can review how the pieces faired thru the event so that I can dust it, prepare it for shipping, and determine whether I need to repair the artwork (it is a public venue, after all) before it gets shipped to its rightful owner.

After 2 years of exhibiting at EVOO with several shows, I was was disappointed that most of my artwork was damaged during a renovation I had no idea was occurring. This past Saturday, Andrew and I removed the pieces and repaired the damaged ones. *Sigh*

At this point, I'm sure my friend Jeanne will comment on how I didn't grow a spine and indicate that the pieces I pulled down from a shelf were damaged should have been expressed to the chef. Yeah, that's right, I said, "shelf." At the same time, I have a 'gentleman's agreement' (at EVOO) about my work and at the very least, any staff member or the chef will sign my inventory sheet in case of theft, fire, or any other occurrence caused by mother nature to report to my insurance company. It's a neighborhood restaurant (a very fine one) and I know not to include original work.

Honestly, I'm feeling a bit passive-aggressive about my next show at EVOO. I'll let some time pass to allow myself to cool down while I'm working w/manufacturers and their images as well as developing new product, and displaying my wears at local shows. The unfortunate issue is that folks don't necessarily know how to treat art (this isn't the first time this has happened) and because this isn't a *gallery,* we all learn from these local experiences.

Meanwhile!!! I got an email from a noteworthy company who wants to take this current series and develop as a calendar!! Yee-haw!! Keep your fingers and toes crossed and stay tuned! Well wishes are strongly encouraged.

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