Sunday, March 02, 2008

Between the Shows

This past week has been cyclical in terms of work and venues. Suddenly, I find myself with not 2 shows, but now invited to a 3rd mid-March.

Andrew and I returned home Friday evening and collapsed from exhibiting at the Chapel Hill Women's Benefit. We noshed on the 2nd half of his delish pizza he made for us the previous night and gorged ourselves on our chocolate delights we purchased at A Southern Season in Chapel Hill during our exhibit recess between lunch and cocktails.

Now, it's been a beautiful weekend and I plan to...

Stay inside and create new imagery;
Corral donations for select charities;
Finish collating tax stuff + send off to CPA;
Cut backing board for my prints;
Prepare Necklines & WinterIce for shipments

But instead, Andrew pulled me outdoors and we resumed our Sunday afternoon open house tour to see new McMansions and renovations in our area. At least I absorbed a bit of vitamin D.

Now, I'm striving to upload the rest of my WinterIce pendants & create a fun label for our foodie gift for our friends this evening, but it's 6:05 and Bacchus is now walking all over my keyboard to let me know that it's past his Splash Time. Heh! More on that later.

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