Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Monday Misery...

Follows into Tuesday, Wednesday... Thursday....

Munich City Hall Gargoyle

I'm miserable. Not only did the common cold set in, but it set in both head and chest. It's my fault entirely: I returned to the gYm (Y=YMCA) for the first time since our honeymoon and I was dazed and bewildered. All the equipment looked pretty, new, and shiny -so did the magazines- they did me in.

I'm miserable because I was enveloped by the SOS (shiny Object Syndrome) and I even brought one home with me. Ohhh, magazine Gawds forgive me for succumbing to periodical temptation.

I've been striving to get a little work done -and it's been very little- so I've attempted to enjoy a few happy classics on Netflix. Attempted is the operative word since I've never seen "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" -OMG what a, er, a, ahem, "dysfunctional" film I never want to see again. Now, I thought I'd top that off with a happy film, "Dr. Zhavigo" -another film I've never seen; both ripe with existentialism and not a happy film by any extent.

Upon Andrew's later return, we filled ourselves with salmon and DVR recorded "Daily Shows." I must say, the DeBeers Parody within the 5 Year Anniversary was a brilliant piece (it's at the very end).

Now I must drag myself to bed and hope I don't give this crap to my favorite husband.


Andrew Hayden said...

Too late.

Madam said...

Andrew, are your problems contracted from your beloved wife or is part of it all -new job syndrome???
I'm trying to think of happy films for you to see - you did not pick out any of the good ones! Don't get Midnight Cowboy either!!