Sunday, February 20, 2005

Chinese Horoscope for 1965

My MIL is hilarious. She's more pious than superstitious, but more often than not, she's humourous. Once in awhile, Andrew & I will find ourselves on a conference call with both of them, discussing work matters, etc. She'll continue with, "Well, I've been reading your horoscope."

"Who's?" we'll chime together.

It so happens, I found my Chinese horoscope 2005 forecast during Year of the Rooster.

For those born in '65:
Your lucky sector is the Southeast (142.5° - 157.5°) of the home provided it does not house unfavourable time energies. This year is the best for you to carve a niche for your career. You must be able to differentiate between good and bad friends. In order for you to show off your talents, you must have a strong determination. Be extra careful when dealing with documents and contracts. Your wealth luck is good and there will be gains in your investments. There will also be chances in striking the lottery.You will become a popular person this year and you will go on many dates. Do be faithful towards your love partner. "

Hmm... if I really believe that I didn't have options in my life and that I didn't control my fate, this looks pretty damn good. Let's see what happens with both the forecast and my determination combined. Stay tuned.

For your personal forecast, you can go here:

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