Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Pheadrus de la Felidae Isle Poste

Year of the Rooster 2005
It has been my penchant to procrastinate in the most creative ways. I've just joined an artistamp group and have finally busted hump to combine both my calligraphic endeavors with layout. Aside from the fact that I've wanted to begin a series of Chinese New Year animals...

Here is my first official release from the Felidae Noir Press:

Additional components of this overachiever include:
*Contacting the director of this group to assign a personal AML#, mine happens to be #223.
*Personally create a fictitious 'Issuing Authority' and 'Issuing Country'. I am Countess Phaedrus de la Felidae Isle (Protectorate of Baccharoo) and my issuing authority is the Felidae Noir Poste.
*I will soon have my own authentic mail cancel stamp with my real zip code. Details forthcoming.

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