Monday, May 28, 2007

Designer Watch: SUVAWear & Natalya

Each time we walk NYC, we have to head back to a favorite shopping spot in NOHO called EDGE*ny. Two years ago, we found within, an innovative designer, Natalya Bagrova of SUVA who provides wearable photography on hip clothing.

When we first met Natalya (complete with Siberian accent), I picked up a zippered-front black jacket donned with a vibrant peacock (looks a bit Star Trekkish) that I absolutely love. Each article is attached with a story of where she and her beau took the photographs from around the world. It's too bad, however, it seems as though she's phasing out the jackets -they're so comfy!!

Last week, I had to continue the peacock line (New Zealand) with a tank and a new image of sterling charms on red background (India). I should have picked up the sexy v-neck shown below, but you can still see from the photo above, I was laiden with that damn head cold. My head not work.

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Unknown said...

Wonderful Lisa,
Thank you so much for all your support. You have such a wonderful talent and a great eye for unique design, and I am very touched by your kind words and hope you continue to enjoy your Suva tops.