Friday, May 25, 2007

Surtex: Day 1

Surtex: Day 1

The showroom was very warm (they finally turned on the air!), but we saw a few folks wander in aimlessly from the ICFF not completely knowing what they were walking into. Let me just say (without jinxing myself) that this was a pleasantly good day. The show opened at 9am and by noon, I was extremely pleased. Many of the conglomerates were talking of how this day was so slow for them -me, it was one right after another. Yee-haw! One Brit that we've become friends with over the past 4 years (he reps a very large print firm in the UK) took a look at my stuff and said, "Hey! We might be interested in some of that! Stop by tomorrow!" Yee-haw!

Tonight, we were scheduled for a cruise around Manhattan and it was a blast!! The weather was perfect, top deck was warm and breezy; got lots of photos of the skyline and each other plus some of my good artists friends -even while dancing- what a hoot!

Self portraits of Andrew & Moi -one of those must photos one takes with the arm stretched out on every trip. [We take many to make sure I don't get the Jay Leno chin! :) ]

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