Friday, May 25, 2007

Surtex: Day 3

Final Day

While cyclical, the last day [at Surtex] was good. There were a number of folks who were refreshed looking at my work that was utterly different than others and believed they could use my work to transition out of the 'rest of the crap.' (Yes, we've actually had mfg say this directly to us!) So, it's a matter of nursing the headcold, not do a damn thing over the weekend and then hit them hard over the next 2 weeks to get into their review cycles.

One series in particular that I created per the need of one mfg was really impressed with the amount of information I amassed during my research over the past year. They wanted me to sign a contract right there at the show and I told them because I wasn't really thinking well because my head was swimming, that I'd have to consider their proposal when I started feeling well. Andrew kicked in with this business savvy and helped to massage the conversation. Yeah, Andrew! I just love that man of mine! There were several mfg who loved the same series I created and it was a hot ticket this year.

Upon our return to the room, I checked my email and received an invitation for another submission after talking with a mfg on Monday. Yee-haw!!!!

Had dinner with good friends of ours who live outside NYC and who are going to be new parents. Looks like the aspect of parenthood and twins is settling in. Yikes!

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