Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Bargain

Following the door inventory bust at Lowes, we wandered thru the Christmas section since all of the Christmas inventory was discounted 50% or more. We've got a great nose for bargains -most of my personal belongings have been heros of bargain hunting- and we also know when to say no. I had been hankering to do a little house decorating but realize that purchasing a tree and the bows could rack up a tidy sum.

Not seeing any signs, I approached one of the staff and opened with, "I've got a ballsy question" as another employee revved up the chainsaw to cut the trunk of one tree for a customer. "Are your trees on sale?" as I raised my voice so I could hear myself speak. Matching my crescendo, the effeminate individual indicated that not only were they on sale, they were $5 and $10 at best. All of the wreaths and rope garland were $5 and I could have all the trimmed bow from the bin free. Hot damn! I love a good deal. No wait, make that a great deal.

The bows and rope garland now sit in a plastic bag on the porch awaiting my creative hands.

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