Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Blogdom Validation

So, my wonderful husband comes home from this inspiring conference I have dubbed, "Happy Camp: A Meeting of the Minds." Trite, yes. However, if I were invited, I would have thoroughly enjoyed myself. The camp was actually a summit for the brainiac friends of Tom Peters, enjoying an organized banter of equals and for those who 'get it.'

Jealous? Absolutely.

But the great thing about this summit is that I not only get to hear his personal experience first hand, but the folks who were involved as well -through their blogs. You see, when Andrew returned from the Summit, his compulsion to start a blog was astounding.

Really? I remember asking his advice earlier that year about augmenting the ecstewart site with blog, since Tom Peter's had done the very same. Ecstewart could benefit from that constant stream of thought to illuminate the eat, breath, die design mentality to my clients and potential clients. They could finally understand how a creative starts and ends her day. They could be John Malcovich, er, Lisa Stewart.

"Well, forge ahead" I urged him, not reminding him that it was I who approached him with the viable idea months earlier. Sometimes, I feel as though I am in my own commercial. The bubble pops up over my head as I stand in the kitchen smiling, "I want to thank Tom Peters for his written respect for women and our ideas to integrate personal mindsets with the business plan."

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