Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Door

After much deliberation of Christmas gift(s) for Andrew and the realization of the holiday being next week, I decided to make a purchase for the house. This gift would result in not only a curb appeal enhancement, but serve as an energy efficient tool; a cost savings for our utility bill. A storm door for the front of the house.

Who says frugal isn't sexy??

This decision was made as I review the results of our labor during my monthly yard stint. This broken down, worn hard door has seen many a predecessor. Who knows how it accomodated the owners, children, dogs, cats, and visitors. We hold it open with our expanding butts while we exchange money with the pizza guy or cringe at the thought that the full-length window was forgotten when the rest of the house was being cleaned for that night's party.

I oscillate my body as I stand on the walk with my garden gloves scrunched inhand, my eyes survey the contour of the property, wondering when our friends, Ann & Mike, are going to uproot the selected plants from the yard to enhance their newly established abode. I was exhausted with the same frequent wish I made aloud to my husband, "God, I want a new front door." Our banter would be the same: 'No, not the big front door, but the lighter one, you know, the storm/screen door that doesn't lock, has no latch, and is basically good for nothing.'

Eros escaped out that door a few more times than I care to remember. 'Ah, yes, that door. Yes, I wish we had the money for it, too.' he'd murmur. Ah, yes, I love it when life boils down to money. How about when my client's pay me? Sigh. Alas, I had great success at the Boylan Heights Art Walk with the CalligraphyPets two weeks earlier and with this, I knew I could afford this imperative luxury.

It may take us awhile to make a decision, but it isn't from the lack of understanding. When our minds meet, we drop everything and hit the road in commitment of that objective. In this case, it meant changing into our to-be-seen-in-public-clothes and jump into the car to Lowes. We had window shopped for this door several times prior, so we knew exactly what we wanted. My husband asked me what my budget was for this door as we sped down Duraleigh. Budget? Ha! I know exactly which door we want and it better be there.

After discussing inventory logistics with an employee, we learned we would have to zoom to Crossroads to pick up both door and hardware in the morning. That's fine, we'll settle in with wine and a movie for the night.

It's funny how home purchases can become an exuberant prelude to America's date-night for the married.

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