Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Personality of Shiraz

We can't leave you hanging with a bad review, so we'll voice our enthusiasm for Crocodile Rock, another Australian Shiraz on Murray Valley.

We have found that Croc'Rock is a gentle, yet versatile shiraz that pleases all palates. One can feel confident serving this with tomato based Italian dishes to red meat. While I don't make a habit of eating red meat, we make sure to buy this favorite by the case -specially when your local merchant has a 20% off case sale. Nevertheless, this particular variety is full but the 13.0 alcohol content allows one to maintain rationality. (Please drink responsibly)

Our local Wholefoods market sells the bottle ~$5.99. A great value -again, with the regular 10% off case, it averages $5.40. Great deal.

FYI for you trivia folks: The name of the wine was inspired by not the deadly creatures found within the continent, but the songwriter Elton John. Aside from the melodic inspiration, I also love the wine label (an aboriginal rendition of a crocodile overlapping red duotone crocodile skin).

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