Friday, January 05, 2007

Wax On, Wax Off

So, after several weeks of beastiness, Andrew and I finally got around to getting our pedicures tonight. Ahh, how wonderful it is to have one's footsies & calves rubbed!! While Andrew's pedicurist was serving double duty to another client, I got extra massaging. Oh, man, why we don't go everyweek is beyond me.

Oh, yeah, that's right -it's about expenses.

Meanwhile, when I was getting the extra rub-down, I asked about eyebrow waxing. I was just curious about the whole event since I remember as a young adult trying out the 'home kit' for legs. I applied 2 strips on my legs and after ripping off the first strip, I was terrified of ripping off the second. Needless to say, I'm chicken shit of pain and that 'home kit' got dumped straight into the trash.

Andrew continued to patiently wait with Business Week in hand and I agreed to having at least a clear coat applied to my toe nails. When my pedicurist was done, she encouraged me to continue the self-indulgence with waxing my eyebrows. I wimpered. A very pregnant woman sporting fire engine red polish on her toes and sitting athrone next to Andrew attempted to quash my fears. I quickly revealed to her my young adult experience as I acquiesced to my pedicurist persuasion. Both the pregnant woman and Andrew attempted to comfort me as I slipped into that ominous room into which women are frequently seen disappearing as we sit quietly soaking our feet.

The experience was, well, not as relaxing as I witnessed on Oprah last week. My pedicurist began with waxing the uni-part of the brow. Honestly, I have no unibrow but it's all part of the procedure as she continued applying and ripping the wax from below the brow and above the brow. I thought she was done until she pulled out the tweezers to coif the rest of the hair. Nice.

While my skin sports a puffy redness, I can see through to how my brows appear a little more glamourous and as Oprah said, an immediate face lift. The funny thing is that when I did a vanity check in the car, I noticed a resemblance to a dear in headlights. I'll wait until morning to give a true assessment.

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