Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2007 Trends: One Stupid Idea

As women, we're pretty private right? Well, some of us don't edit what we speak (guilty!) but when it comes to my purse contents, I do-not-like-to-show-contents... period! Uh, no pun intended.

Take for example, the i-know-what-you-just-bought-at-the-drugstore see-thru plastic appeal. Seriously, the WSJ has posted an article today on the new big trend: Clear Hand Bags

Long ago, a department store for whom I worked forced us chix to convert our personal bags into a small clear clutch. I understand theft is rampant in dept store, especially when it comes to the employees, but this is one chic who isn't going to succumb to fashion at my own expense. I'll let others lament over being accosted for showing one's chocolate, cuz, I ain't sharing!

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