Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jeopardy Online Contestant Test

My husband, the Jeopardy Junkie that he is, decided to take the online test last evening for potential contestants.

We learned that it was a 50 question application with 15 seconds for each question, whether you were finished or not -and no going back reviewing previous questions! The test began online at promptly 8pm EST and being the Gilmore Girls junkie that I am (Lorilei is driving me nuts with her neurosis!! I'm about to quit GC without remorse), decided it would be best if Andrew holed himself up in my studio for the 12 minute race without interruption. No cats, no GC, no explosive cackles to ruin his concentration.

We arranged the studio to his liking and made sure to plug in the MAC to ensure constantly flow of electricity, bottle of water, chair adjustments and then we watched the countdown clock in large block numbers wind down. During that time I asked him if he needed any help -he's a freakin genius and that boy does not need "help" from his fellow blonde. Then I invited myself to stay and watch the process -just out of utter curiosity. I told him I'd keep quite and remain invisible.


Watching him hunched over the MAC pecking at the keys, I refrained in the beginning to give him any aid -this was his damn test. I watched his growing diffidence as I jeopardized my own promise by quietly assisting him. Each time I did, I tried to draw blood from my own hazardous tongue -poor guy- I promised him I wouldn't. I promised! Argh.

Overall he did well and I just gasped at some of the questions he was able to answer rather quickly. I suck at history and that's one of his strong suits. Once in awhile I look at him blankly and ask him, "Why did you marry me? You could have done better if all you wanted was arm candy. A whole lot better!"

We reviewed the 3-night opportunity (one in each time zone) and decided that if he didn't qualify this time, it would be ALL my fault. I decided that we would both schedule ourselves and I would take the test first (he would look over MY shoulder) to learn the questions so that he could take the test the second night (WITHOUT me) and we'd go from there.

I guess that's my exposure to parental paladin.

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Jeanne Rhea said...

I have been wondering when Andrew would try some of these shows! Just thought about it yesterday. Vince is so good with history, too. I am not good with it, but good at oddball stuff. Vince constantly says to me, "How on earth did you know that?" But I am asking him the same thing every time we watch anything to do with history, engineering and overall technical stuff.