Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's My Birthday: At The Hudson

So, we get a call from Andrew's former colleague, Claire, who now resides in London and has so for the past 5 years. She's got 4 days in the city and we met her at The Hudson. It's the cool boutique hotel we used to stay at and has great lounges thru-out. Dark halls with funky wood panelling in each elevator and alien lighting dimly lights each car.

Because Claire was residing at the Hudson during her stay, she chose the area where I've always wanted to hang: the terrace. Personally, I think you need a crowd to enjoy the ambiance -on beds!! It's hilarious, but true. One can cop-a-squat on a corner of a bed and chat for hours. There were a few couples on our bed and there were several beds thru-out the terrace. I did have to smooze with the waitstaff (they call themselves 'the design team'- stuuuupid!) to get Andrew a chair -had to explain the little incident with the doctor, the knife, and his spine. Ostensibly, we're not allowed to move furniture around while we're spending $$$ at their bar!!! She (dressed in a bikini & indian tunic -no kidding!) finally acquiesced and brought an extra chair over.

Anyhow, we talked about everything from her impending wedding in September (to a fiance whose passport looks like a... well, let's say that he's getting his Ph.D in War Studies and the stamps thru-out his pages are from questionable countries) to enjoying Christmas Eve/Day celebrations in London with she and her new husband! How fun will that be?

Looks like London for Christmas!

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