Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Licensing Show

We gave ourselves 2 hours to walk the Fine Art section of the Licensing Show to determine if this was a right fit for our work. We noticed that most of the conglomerates were the same as Surtex, but pulled out character driven illustrations to license -something we don't have... yet.

The Branding section was interesting, much like wild Las Vegas in only 10,000 sqfeet. I would akin an experience walking this show to getting into an amusement park and not being able to enjoy any of the rides or entertainment. All the big guys (WB, Mattell, Seasame Street, American Greetings) had gated areas where their clients came to eat, drink, and be entertained by celebrity music. Someone had a Bad Emily bag and it was on my list to go see, but we forgot because we were getting hungry and Andrew was waiting for Claire's call. Plus, we generally can't get anything from those booths -can't even take photos to show you what is going to hit the market this next year. Drat.

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