Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Waldorf: Because it's my birthday!

Majestic and impressive...
The Waldorf didn't fail to exceed in opulence. It's a great place to stay if you're keen to remain composed and upright. For those of us who are draggin' our arses, sweaty, and not sporting a Louis Vuitton Bag, well... it was nice. Obviously out of my element, or an afficiando of fine craftsmanship as I like to think, I didn't really care if I appeared as an obvious tourist.

Photo 1 is a clock tower in the center lobby. Just above it, on the ceiling, there are squares of gold-leafed imagery set in through-out.

Photo 2 is a massive image set in mosaic on the floor -just gorgeous.

On to the good stuff: The Suite! We paid only $13 bucks for the night (that was for high-speed internet connection to check biz email) since Andrew opted to eat several thousand Hilton points to get us in. Thanks, Darlin! Several times at fine hotels, the clerk will ask if we need a second keycard for the room. When we answer yes, they ask if they can have a name -my name. I look at Andrew and say to him aloud, "Mrs. Hayden, right? Don't tell your wife!" "But you are my wife!" "No I'm not! You left that bat at home!"

The clerk just laughs and replies, "My lips are sealed!"

We arrive to a double door entrance that leads to our suite.

Two huge rooms filled with sofas, armoires, and lots of right angles (tough to photo those!) and mirrors behind every door. I'm guessing there were 7 doors (+ an escape route back out to the hall! Kinda cool).

Upon entering the receving room, there was a tray with goodies and formal note written to Andrew, but we won't tell you what it said... his wife might read it!

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