Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's My Birthday: NYC -Day 2

We didn't have many plans to abide by, so we decided to hang out in the Upper East Side.

For many years, I've loved the work of MacKenzie-Childs, an American artist whose roots are in the UK. There are several photos in their Web site, but I did manage to snag a couple of their elevators! Yes! They've adorned their elevators with tiles, wallpaper, fabric, tassles and more! I met one of the on-site display artists (I was curious about a certain McLaughlin piece) and we talked for quite a while. She wants to move to Raleigh, we want to move to NYC -we may just trade houses.

We got a bite to eat and then decided to hit the Natural History Museum. We had just watched "Night at the Museum" with Ben Stiller and Robin Williams (the dialog for most of the movie was painful -stupid really- and the last 1/2 hour was good) and decided to return after a few years. Also, the Natural History Museum had an intriguing show on Mythic Creatures. It was a neat exhibit but because I was tired, I thought that by just grazing the exhibits of imagery and tales, that I would be greeted with a book produced by the museum for this special program so that I could enjoy it at my leisure. Not! However... While I was looking for links and such to provide with this entry, I discovered that the Mythic Creatures program is ALL ONLINE!!

Before we departed for our flight, we had sushi at Okinawa (near NYU) and what used to be, one of our favorite spots. I think we'll find another restaurant that's not so pushy (we were the only customers -I guess that's saying something!) and remembers to give us everything we ordered.

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