Saturday, April 26, 2008

ACRE, Carnevino, & KA

The first day we walked ACRE for a few hours to get the feel of the venue.

The accepted artists into ACRE were incredibly talented. Although fabulous, we did see quite a bit of 'sameness' within select categories: metal, jewelry, fiber, wood, which can be good and bad. Additionally, we met some new friends who hailed from the West side of the states and were incredibly generous with their information; I happen to believe that separates East Coast and West Coast artists.

I've always been eager to share my thoughts with friends and colleagues about how I see their work progressing -many times it's in a direction that never occurred to them. Lately, I've decided to just hold my tongue with the suggestions, since folks on this side aren't quite as eager to hear my thoughts as I am to solicit them -perhaps I'm just a closet Californian. It was refreshing to have folks coming out into the aisles to touch my Bacchus book asking me if I had considered alternate ways of designing it or asking about potential partnerships -nice! Their generosity took me by surprise every time.

Keeping an open mind is important for a creative. No matter how ideas come to you, taking or receiving a fresh approach to one's challenge is always educational. I may never agree with their ideas, but I know the path of creativity is to volley potential nuggets back and forth until the best idea is generated.

Took the monorail (every city should have one!) from the Hilton to Harrahs. Walked over to the Venetian, past 3 guys slapping tickets on their hands to gain attention to the passerbys -an act itself.

After sauntering thru the Venetian Piazzo & Canal, we picked up our reserved tickets to Cirque's KA. Man I love a good Cirque show.

Dinner at Carnevino, a Mario Batali restaurant was no disappointment. Andrew enjoyed the NYStrip with an excellent rub and I managed to score some Pacific Halibut.

Both excellent venues for an evening in Vegas.

And still... no desire to gamble.

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